Reserve Your Weekend

Because we host only one wedding a weekend, our dates fill quickly.

Securing your weekend is quite simple:

Sign – We will email a virtual contract link to you and your fiancé for your signature, which is valid for 24 hours.
After signing, your date will be held for up to 4 additional days.

Pay – You will pay your reservation retainer via check, ACH or by wire transfer to be received by our office within 4 days of
signing the contract, and confirm with our office how and when this was sent.

Confirm – We will confirm receipt of the reservation retainer and the dually executed reservation contract, which will
make your reservation official.

Payments can be made via Wire Transfer, ACH or Check.  

Payment Schedule

Venue/Lodging Rent & Lodging Extension

$10k due at booking

$10k due 45 days after reservation

$10k due 200 days prior to arrival

Remaining balance due 100 days prior to arrival

Lodging Tax

Due 100 days prior to arrival

Guest Lodging Payment Collection Fee

$1,500 due 100 days prior to arrival

Refundable Damage Deposit

$1,500 due in full 14 days prior to check-in

Optional Pet Fee

$250 per pet due in full 14 days prior to check-in

Surplus Guest Fee (101-150 guests)


30-100 Guests- NA

101-150 Guests – $2,000/day

151-200 Guest $4,000/day

*Events of more than 150 guests require a Thursday Lodging Extension in the Retreat House at a minimum.


30-100 Guests- NA

101-120 Guests – $2,000/day

*Maximum Event Capacity is 120 Guests with Applicable Surplus Guest Fee

Surplus Guest Fee Full Payment due in full 14 days prior to check-in