Published June 30th, 2011

We think Maine’s a spectacular place to tie the knot, and we’ve got some hard numbers to back up our soft spot for the Pine Tree State.

Maine is expected to host precisely 9,802 weddings this year, a bump from 9,715 in 2010, according to The Wedding Report, Inc., a market research firm. How does your wedding compare? Check out these other stats:

  • Between 109 and 119 guests attended the average Maine wedding in 2010, a bit more intimate than the national average of 141.
  • Each guest added about $193 to the cost of a wedding — be prudent with those plus ones.
  • The typical couple marrying in Maine will spend $22,547 in 2011, a sum that’s forecast to tick up to $25,301 by 2016.
  • Last year, about 970 couples spent more than two times the average, dropping upwards of $44,000 on their big day.
  • After the venue and catering, jewelry makes up the next largest chunk of change in the typical bridal budget. The average cost of the engagement ring? $3,084.
  • We’ll spare you the surprisingly detailed data on pre-wedding beauty routines (think hair removal) but some other items are worth a mention. Couples spend an average of almost $900 on gifts for their wedding party and guests, almost three times what they dish out for the cake. Who knew?

Curious about the costs of marrying at French’s Point? We’ll get to that soon, so stay tuned.