Published March 7th, 2013

Watching Spring transform at French’s Point is an incredible experience. The 14 acres of lush gardens and lawns are breathtaking. As fresh blooms pop through the snow we are finding inspiration for spring and summer wedding floral arrangements. Our gardens are landscaped and beautifully cared-for by my mother, Bonnie Brooks.

Here are our favorite bouquet inspirations, crafted from the wild spring flowers that are blooming across our property.

Spring Wedding Venue | Destination Wedding Venue

Daffodils are one of the cheeriest flowers. They pair wonderfully with day lillies or white roses.

Maine Wedding Venue | Destination Wedding Venue

Hyacinth grow beautifully in Maine during the spring. They are an incredibly fragrant flower for brides who want their special day to smell amazing.

Maine Wedding Venue | Destination Wedding Venue

These are heirlooms flowers from my great grandmother’s and my grandmother’s gardens. They are stunning as cascading wildflower bouquets or small round bouquets for bridesmaids.

Maine Wedding Venue | Maine Destination Wedding

You can tell when the lilac bushes begin to bloom because the entire property smells fresh and wonderful. A handful of these flowers, straight off the bush, are gorgeous enough to be a bridal bouquet on their own.