Published March 22nd, 2013

wedding in maine

Enjoy significant price reductions on 2013 available dates. There are 3 major benefits to a limited planning period:

1.      Budget creep occurs in longer engagements since there is more time to consider the smallest details (many of which would not have been a priority if idle time was not an issue).  With a limited time to plan, you focus on the obvious priorities without getting distracted by the minutiae that only reveals itself with idle time to second guess your instincts.

2.      Couples tend to enjoy a shorter planning period. Wedding planning can be stressful. Longer engagements can seem a bit prolonged and anti-cathartic. Studies show engaged couples who plan in the 4-9 month timeframe are less stressed and report lower relationship discord than those in the 9-18 month bracket.

3.      Vendors tend to reduce their pricing for the current year open dates after the holiday season is over. This is a great time of year to capitalize on these cost savings!

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How to Plan a Wedding in Just Eight Weeks

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