Check In For Your Stay

If you are hosting a stay at French’s Point, we want you and your family to have a smooth arrival without surprises, know what to expect while you are here, and enjoy the property to the fullest extent. As the host of of a reservation at French’s Point, in preparation for your stay at French’s Point, there are a few things we want share with you before you arrive to ensure a wonderful experience:

  1. Please confirm your arrival time between 1:00-3:00pm with our office no later than 1 week prior to your arrival. Please do not be late for your check in appointment. We suggest that you arrive an hour or two before your guests so you can get unpacked and settled before you welcome the rest of your group. We will confirm with you before you arrive, who will be here to greet you that day from the property.
  2. A welcome area with a 2’x3’ bulletin board is provided at the entryway to both the Retreat House & Farm House to help guests find their rooms. A map of the 14-acre property & floor plans of the houses are posted near each of these boards. Signs will help direct guests to their rooms once inside the homes. We also suggest posting the weekend itinerary on the bulletin board & providing a copy in your guest’s room. You can send this to us in advance and we will happily post it for you before your arrival.
  3. Please complete the attached digital template room assignment list for both buildings no later than 1 week prior to your arrival and we will be sure these are posted on the bulletin boards. We will write the names of each suite’s occupants on chalkboard signs which hang on hooks on the outside of the suite doors. This will help them find their rooms.
  4. Your event planner is responsible for the details & events of the weekend. We will post their name & contact information on the bulletin board in the entryway of the Retreat House and the Farm House so that your family can contact them directly with questions.
  5. When you arrive, you will be given a key to the main entrance at the Retreat House and a key to keep doors from locking throughout the main and lower levels of the Retreat House. Your planner will also be given a set of these keys. We suggest unlocking the Retreat House doors in the morning and securing them after all guests are inside for the night. However, should your guests exit during the period of time that the doors are locked, they will not be able to reenter the Retreat House. For this reason, you can opt to forgo locking the Retreat House. We do not have security concerns that would require you to lock the doors at night. Main entrance keys are not required for the Farm House because we do not suggest locking that building at night.
  6. The catering kitchen located on the lower level of the Retreat House will be locked. When events are taking place, this area will be locked between the hours of midnight and 9am.
  7. Keys to each guest room will be in the keyhole upon check in. If an additional set of keys is needed for guest rooms, please contact our office during business hours.
  8. If you are providing welcome bags, boxes or baskets, you can deliver these to the suites upon arrival, prior to their check in.
  9. When you arrive, if you have items that need to go in the cooler, you can store them in the walk-in cooler just outside the tent hallway and recreation room on the west side lower level of the Retreat House. We suggest packing items to go in the cooler in a way that allowed for them to be the first unloaded from your vehicle. This cooler is accessible between the hours of 9am-4pm, or when you have events of more than 50 guests taking place. This cooler is locked at night. Please be sure to get provisions stored in this cooler when it is accessible. Please note that late September – mid May, we do not recommend storing flowers in this cooler because of cool night time temperatures.
  10. If you need to store event décor or other items, there is room to do so in the West stairwell hallway on the main floor. This area is not secure during the day. Store anything of value in your suite.
  11. If you have items to deliver to the tent, do so at check in so you do not have to move these items twice. Keep this in mind when you are packing. We suggest labeling bags and boxes by their event location and event name/date.
  12. If you would like to have items shipped to French’s Point for your stay, please ensure that they are received by our office no sooner than the Monday prior to your arrival date due to our limited storage. Please send tracking information to our office and advise us if you are expecting a package or mailing during your stay and by what means it is being sent. You can mail items to French’s Point 246 Hersey Retreat Road Stockton Springs, ME 04981 ATTN: Your Name. Please note that USPS, UPS and Fed Ex deliveries typically arrive between 2pm-5pm Monday-Saturday. Items delivered after our office closes will be delivered to you the next day.

We look forward to hosting your family and friends during this special time. Thank you for choosing French’s Point.