FAQ: How Many Guests Can Stay at French’s Point?

Our two beautiful homes at French’s Point offer comfortable lodging in 20 guest rooms, in a total of 18 suites with en suite bathrooms for 16 to 44 of your friends and family members. Please refer to the Lodging Guide for details about our on-site lodging.

The Retreat at French’s Point
Lodging for up to 16 guests. Eight guest rooms in six suites. Here are our Retreat House floor plans!

The Farm at French’s Point
Lodging for up to 28 guests. Twelve guest rooms in twelve suites. Here are Farm House floor plans!

Photography by Greta Tucker Photography

Wi-Fi at French’s Point

For your convenience, there is guest Wi-Fi at French’s Point that extends throughout all four levels of the Retreat House and all three Levels of the Farm House. The Wi-Fi extends outside on the Retreat House Cocktail Terrace and halfway to the Gazebo and is spotty down towards the Tent. Wi-Fi does not extend down to the beaches or Recreation Lawn. Please do not rely on Wi-Fi for your reception music or sound in the tent or ceremony at the Gazebo or Oceanfront Lawn. We suggest you request a system from Wallace Events, your band, or DJ.

Check Out Information

If you are hosting a stay at French’s Point, we want you and your family to have a smooth check out without surprises. As the host of a reservation at French’s Point, in preparation for your stay at French’s Point, there are a few things we want to share with you before you depart to ensure a wonderful experience:

  1. Check out is at 1:00pm on Sunday. Late departures will result in overtime charges that will be deducted from your damage deposit. We suggest you advise your guests to depart by noon to allow time for final packing.
  2. We suggest you enlist the assistance of your wedding planner with the check-out process.
  3. Please be sure your guests return room keys back to the proper keyhole prior to their departure and leave chalkboard signs on the hooks of their doors. Lost keys will result in a $50/key deduction from your damage deposit. Lost chalkboard signs will result in a $25/board deduction from your damage deposit.
  4. Please return all furnishings, lawn games and French’s Point equipment used by your party during your stay to the original location.
  5. Please ensure all rentals are placed in the designated pick up location and are picked up by the rental provider before the end of your rental term.
  6. Please ensure all dishes are washed and put away in all kitchens.
  7. Please remove all trash, recycling and redeemable from the buildings, tent and event areas and place in the dumpster located in the white enclosure in the parking lot near the tent.
  8. Please be sure you remove all food and alcohol from the coolers and kitchen.

Should you need assistance, please contact us during office house (9am-4pm) by calling 207-567-3650. We occupy an office located on the lower level of the Retreat House near the commercial kitchen.

Photography by The Light & Color