FAQ: Do We Have to Clean Up After Our Stay?

French's Point - Client Information - Cleaning Up After Stay

French’s Point is a family vacation home rental property. We ask that you remove all trash, recycling and redeemables to the designated receptacles in the dumpster enclosure, remove your personal effects & food, return furnishings to their original locations and leave the property in the condition in which you received it at check in.

Housekeeping Services

If you would like daily house keeping services during your stay, these services can be arranged in advance with our office. These services are billed at $100/hour. This service requires advanced reservation with our office.

FAQ: What Role Does French’s Point’s Team Play During Our Stay?

French’s Point‘s team provides support related to the venue, in advance of your stay, during your stay, during your events, and during your departure. Our Property Manager, Nicole Lesher, will be your primary point of contact with us once you reserve your stay.

In Advance Of Your Stay

Nicole will offer recommendations on how to make the most of your stay with us and your time at the estate, suggestions on how to best meet your specific goals for your event, offer educational resources through periodic emails, our blog and website to prepare you for your reservation, answer questions that arise from you, your planner, and your vendors.

At Check In

Nicole will greet you and your House Captains, get you oriented to the facilities and amenities, and address questions before you get settled and you begin welcoming the rest of your guests to the estate.

During Your Reservation

We will address facility/utility related issues that may arise, be the facilities point of contact with your planner & vendors, provide traffic direction and security during events larger than 50 guests, set fire pits before use, turn on and off gas lights to set the ambiance for your events. With direction from your planner, we can shuttle elderly and mobility limited guests for photos or the rest room in our golf cart. During your stay, we will keep normal office hours from 9am-4pm daily. We will also be present for your events of more than 50 guests to ensure their safety.

At Departure

We will be sure you know where everything is to help you collect your personal effects before we bid you fair well.

French’s Point Availability for 2020 & 2021

French’s Point 2019, 2020 & 2021 availability by the numbers…

There are 26 weekends May-October. We only host one celebration a weekend to allow each client and their guests ample time for memory-making. As a result, our calendar fills faster than venues that host multiple weddings a weekend.


We are booked!

Wedding Venue Availability - French's Point - Destination Wedding Venue - When to book a wedding venue


Prime Season

When our sail cloth tent is available, we have only April 25, May 9, May 23 & October 17, 2020 weekends remaining available!

Wedding Venue Availability - French's Point - Destination Wedding Venue - When to book a wedding venue

Winter Season

We do have November and December 2020 dates available for events with up to 125 guests

Winter Wedding Venue in Maine - French's Point - Available Dates


We are booking now & expect most prime dates to fill before the end of this summer!

Numbers don’t lie, the time to book is now!

Wedding Venue Availability - French's Point - Destination Wedding Venue - When to book a wedding venue

FAQ: How Do I Reserve French’s Point?

The Green Retreat Building of French's Point on the Coast of Maine for Weddings and Vacation Rental

When you determine French’s Point is the right choice of venue for your gathering, securing your weekend is quite simple:

  1. Request your reservation for your date via email or phone.
  2. A virtual contract will be emailed to you and your fiancé for your signature. Once the virtual contract is executed, your date will be held for 5 days until the reservation retainer is received by our office.
  3. Send your $10,000 reservation retainer, paid via check or by wire transfer.
  4. Please confirm with our office which payment method you have selected to pay the reservation retainer and when it has been sent or initiated.
  5. Once we confirm receipt of the reservation retainer and the dually executed reservation contract, our office will confirm that your reservation is official.

How To Plan an Event or Ceremony on The Farm Beach

Farm Beach - Plan an event or ceremony - How to plan a beach event - French's Point - Rachael Anderson Photography

The Private Farm Beach is an idyllic seaside setting for a rehearsal dinner celebration or ceremony. It has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years since we installed a new sea wall and regraded the lawn area abutting the beach to allow for tenting of the area. If you are looking into the possibility of hosting a Rehearsal Dinner, celebration or ceremony on the Private Farm Beach, please keep in mind the details we have listed below. We want to ensure our couples & their vendor team are aware of the details that go into planning any event on the Beach.

Key Details:

Maximum Guest Capacity: 100

Event End Time: 9:00PM including vendor & guest departure

  • Beach Area is in shade from afternoon on
  • There is no parking available on the beach & vehicles must remain clear of the roadway at all times so as not to block access to the neighboring cottages
  • There is no power supply on the beach, so a generator is needed if power is required


Rental Needs:

Porta Potties or a Bathroom Trailer

Restroom rentals are required for meal events because of very long uphill walk to the public restrooms at the Retreat House.  

Golf Cart

A golf cart to shuttle guests from/to the houses & parking is required to transport your guests down to the Farm Beach. During your event, your planner should provide staff to drive the golf carts to shuttle guests to and from the parking area as guests are not permitted to drive themselves once alcohol service has commenced.

Event Tent & Service Tent

You will need to rent a tent in order to have proper weather/rain shelter in the case of inclement weather for an event planned in this area. The size of your event tent should be no larger than 30’ x 60’. Your caterer will need a dry, enclosed & covered space to meal-prep. The service tent for the cater should be no larger than 20’ x 30’. Please contact Wallace Events for your tent rental needs because they know where the  tent is permitted in this area due to the 15’ fire pit on the beach & underground water lines.


A generator is required if power service is required for music, lighting or catering needs.  Please contact Wallace Events about placing a generator on your rental order. It will need to be large enough to cover your full needs for catering, lighting, and musician or DJ.


There is no source of walkway lighting on the path down to the Beach or on the Beach itself other than some tiki torches and a fire pit. Please please plan to light the walkways for your guests safety.  You will also need lighting in the tent for events that take place after dark.

General Rental Equipment

Items you will need to rent for an event on the beach include:                    

  • Chairs
  • Bar
  • Dishware
  • Glassware
  • Linens


Event Time

We recommend starting the event earlier in the day or hosting an early dinner. This way the event end time of 9:00PM does not seem early to you or your guests and the cost of the necessary lighting is not an issue.


We recommend providing blankets at the fire pits, patio heaters & tent heaters(May-June & September & October) as it can get chilly on the water once the sun goes down!


Providing an assortment of lawn games for your guests to enjoy during their time on the Beach is also a great way to keep them entertained and feel at home.


We hope you find this information helpful & enjoy this space to really relax and get a true Maine beachside experience.

Farm Beach - Plan an event or ceremony - How to plan a beach event - French's Point - Rachael Anderson Photography Farm Beach - Plan an event or ceremony - How to plan a beach event - French's Point - Rachael Anderson Photography Farm Beach - Plan an event or ceremony - How to plan a beach event - French's Point - Rachael Anderson Photography Farm Beach - Plan an event or ceremony - How to plan a beach event - French's Point - Rachael Anderson Photography

Photography by Rachael Anderson

FAQ: How is the Lodging Block Fee Paid?

French's Point Lodging - Farm House - Retreat House - Seaside Estate Vacation Home in Maine - Greta Tucker Photography

Typically, your guests cover the expense for their lodging in the guest suites. As the host, you assign your guests to the suites. By reserving French’s Point, you are guaranteeing the lodging block payment just as you would a room block at a hotel. You have two options as to how payments are made for lodging:

Option A

You assign your guests to the suites and collect the lodging rates and applicable Maine State Lodging Tax from your guests using the Venmo app or collecting check payments and then pay the balance due on lodging and lodging tax to French’s Point 100 days prior to check in.

Option B

You assign your guests to the suites and provide the names of the guests you wish to stay at French’s Point and the room assignments to our office. For a $1,500 Administrative Fee, we will collect lodging payments from your guests directly and apply the payments to the balance due on lodging and lodging tax. With this option, the balance due on lodging and lodging tax to French’s Point is due 160 days prior to check in. Credit Card payments are subject to a convenience fee.

FAQ: What Are The Fees To Reserve French’s Point?

Brendan Bullock Photography - French's Point - Family Vacation Home Rental - Maine Wedding Venue

French’s Point is…

A year-round, oceanfront, vacation rental estate, offered exclusively to one group of guests for the weekend to ensure complete privacy & an abundance of time with loved ones. A weekend at French’s Point feels like a reunion & a vacation, with a wedding at the heart of it all. So, you might be wondering what the fees are to reserve French’s Point.

French’s Point has two applicable reservation fees:

Gathering Fee

French’s Point Gathering Fee includes all the amenities that make our property ideal to host celebrations and weddings of 30-200 guests.

This fee is paid by the hosts reserving French’s Point. Details about the Gathering Fee & Gathering Fee Amenities are outlined in the Gathering Guide.

Lodging Block Fee

French’s Point Lodging Block Fee includes all the lodging offered in the 18 guest suites on property. This fee is typically covered by guests occupying the rooms. Details about the Lodging Fee & Lodging Fee Amenities are outlined in the Lodging Guide.


Photography by Brendan Bullock Photography

FAQ: How Many Guests Can Stay at French’s Point?

French's Point Lodging - Farm House - Retreat House - Seaside Estate Vacation Home in Maine - Greta Tucker Photography

Our two beautiful homes at French’s Point offer comfortable lodging in 20 guest rooms, in a total of 18 suites with en suite bathrooms for 20 to 50 of your friends and family members. Please refer to the Lodging Guide for details about our on-site lodging.


The Retreat at French’s Point

Lodging for up to 20 guests. Eight guest rooms in six suites. Here are our Retreat House floor plans

French's Point Overnight Accommodations - Lodging at French's Point - Greta Tucker Photography

The Farm at French’s Point

Lodging for up to 30 guests. Twelve guest rooms in twelve suites. Here are Farm House floor plans! 

French's Point Lodging - Farm House - Retreat House - Seaside Estate Vacation Home in Maine - Greta Tucker Photography


Photography by Greta Tucker Photography

What Style of Venue is French’s Point?

Brendan Bullock Photography - French's Point Wedding Venue - Maine Wedding - Family Home

Maine offers two different kinds of wedding venues to suit couples’ needs:

All-inclusive Locations: 

  • Resorts, inns, and restaurants

Blank Canvas Properties

  • Summer camps, private homes, farms, fields, and orchards

French’s Point: A Black Canvas Venue

French’s Point is a simply elegant seaside “blank canvas venue“. This means that we provide the outstanding venue with 8 possible ceremony settings and 14 different gathering spaces. You choose how you wish to use these amenities during your time here. French’s Point is a very large vacation rental property with 14 acres and two beautiful homes which are offered to one couple and their guests exclusively for the entire weekend. Our weekend celebrations feel like a vacation, a reunion and a wedding all combined. Our goal for our couples is for them to have a wedding that is unique to them that suits their vision of their celebration & one that is within their budget. To foster this goal, you hire your choice of vendors: planner, caterer, bar service provider, florist, photographer, etc. This allows you to engage the vendor team that best suits your goals and is within your budget. We have an excellent preferred vendor list of vendors to help you on the search for your team, but you can use whichever vendors best align with your preferences, as long as they are insured (liability insurance) and licensed where applicable (caterer, bar service provider, food truck, baker, hair and make-up design). There are no cookie cutter events here and no food and beverage minimums to meet!

How to Make Coffee & Coffee Station Supplies

How to Make Coffee & Wedding Coffee Station Supplies - Weekend Wedding Plans - Coffee & Tea Station - Hot Cocoa Station Wedding - Rachael Anderson Photography

At French’s Point, we have 3 guest coffee stations: one in the Farm House residential kitchen, another in the Retreat House residential kitchen, and one located on the Second Level of the Retreat House. We get asked frequently how to use the coffee makers in our homes and what supplies need to be provided in order to create a successful station. Here is some helpful information on how to make coffee and the supplies you need in the coffee stations at French’s Point. We hope you find this information helpful as you make your wedding weekend plans!

How To Make Coffee:

  1. Place a paper filter in the basket in the top of the coffee maker
  2. Choose your coffee grounds
  3. Measure 1 Tablespoon of coffee grounds per 6 oz cup and place in the paper filter in the top of the coffee maker
  4. Pour 6 oz of water in the reservoir per serving
  5. Close the lid
  6. Turn on the brewer
  7. Savor the rich aroma as the coffee brews
  8. Pour the coffee into your selected coffee mug and enjoy!
  9. When you are done, please rinse the coffee out from the carafe and turn off the coffee maker

Supplies You Need:

  • We provide the appropriate coffee filters for the maker, located in the nearest cabinet to the coffee maker
  • We also provide press-pots located in both of our homes’ residential kitchens
  • Coffee Grounds – Regular & Decaf
  • Coffee Cups
  • Coffee Lids
  • Coffee Stirrers
  • Straws
  • Coffee Cup Sleeves
  • Variety of Sugars & Sweeteners
  • Milk & Creamer
  • Milk Frother
  • Cinnamon & Cocoa
  • Whipped Cream Topping

Tea & Hot Cocoa:

There is also a hot-water-maker at each coffee station at French’s Point. Therefore, we have included some other supplies to consider adding to your Coffee Station:

Hot Chocolate Station:

  • Hot Cocoa Boxes
  • Mini Marshmallows
  • Fluff
  • Chocolate Dipped Spoons
  • Cinnamon Shaker
  • Cocoa Shaker

Hot Tea Station:

  • Tea Sachets – Assortment of Flavors, Regular & Decaf
  • Honey
  • Sugar Packets