What Style of Venue is French’s Point?

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Maine offers two different kinds of wedding venues to suit couples’ needs:

All-inclusive Locations: 

  • Resorts, inns, and restaurants

Blank Canvas Properties

  • Summer camps, private homes, farms, fields, and orchards

French’s Point: A Black Canvas Venue

French’s Point is a simply elegant seaside “blank canvas venue“. This means that we provide the outstanding venue with 8 possible ceremony settings and 14 different gathering spaces. You choose how you wish to use these amenities during your time here. French’s Point is a very large vacation rental property with 14 acres and two beautiful homes which are offered to one couple and their guests exclusively for the entire weekend. Our weekend celebrations feel like a vacation, a reunion and a wedding all combined. Our goal for our couples is for them to have a wedding that is unique to them that suits their vision of their celebration & one that is within their budget. To foster this goal, you hire your choice of vendors: planner, caterer, bar service provider, florist, photographer, etc. This allows you to engage the vendor team that best suits your goals and is within your budget. We have an excellent preferred vendor list of vendors to help you on the search for your team, but you can use whichever vendors best align with your preferences, as long as they are insured (liability insurance) and licensed where applicable (caterer, bar service provider, food truck, baker, hair and make-up design). There are no cookie cutter events here and no food and beverage minimums to meet!

Your Home For The Holidays

Your Home For The Holidays - Maine Family Vacation Home Rental Property

We love spending time with our family here at French’s Point. Family is really what this place is all about, our family and yours. Some of my favorite memories of this place are of the holidays spent here with my family. We do offer some holiday reservations each year to other families so they can make their own memories together at French’s Point. Spend Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, or even your Family Reunion here at French’s Point. The estate is ideal for large families that travel both near and far to one large home. Both homes at French’s Point (the Retreat House and the Farm House) provide a beautiful, warm, inviting place to celebrate the season. They are fully appointed with bathroom linens, bed linens, kitchens, dining tables, chairs, fireplaces and lounge seating. Decorate it to suit the season. Hire a horse drawn sleigh or hay wagon for rides on the expansive grounds. Enjoy the outdoor fire pits for s’mores & hot cocoa. Bring your snowshoes or boots for a walk on 100 acres of trails. Sled the epic hill on the western slope of the farm house. Enjoy hot mulled cider in front of a roaring fire and catch up with your loved ones with holiday music playing in the background. Enjoy your own family holiday traditions at French’s Point. Make this your home for the holidays.

French’s Point Legacy – Maybel “May” Harris Brooks

French's Point Legacy: Maybel "May" Harris Brooks - 1937

June 21, 1917-June 27, 2009

May Brooks, my sweet paternal grandmother would be 101 years old today. I miss her every day. She was a large presence in my life and really shaped who I am. She is a big part of the reason why we chose to steward the property here at French’s Point. She made this place magical for her children and grandchildren. Caring for and sharing French’s Point is a way to honor the legacy that she and my grandfather Bill started for our family.  

May was born and grew up in Augusta, Maine. She was born the youngest of 5 children. Her father was a deacon of a Baptist Church and she was the granddaughter of the Civil War General Benjamin Foster Harris of the 6th Maine Infantry.  She married my grandfather Willard Nash “Bill” Brooks and they settled in Winslow, Maine, and had three children, two boys and a girl. She was active as a Sunday school teacher, Den Mother, Girl Scout Leader. She was involved in the Winslow High School Band Parents Organization, and the PTA. She chaperoned trips and events for the schools and clubs. She manned the food and ticket booths at high school sporting events. She was a much beloved secretary at the Winslow High School for more than 30 years.

In the summertime each year, May would pack up her children, ride to Sandy Point to our family cottage just down the road from French’s Point, where she would spend the weeks of school break sunbathing, digging for clams, fishing in her tiny tin boat, picking wild blueberries and walking the beach looking for skipping stones and lucky rocks. She was often times the first one in our family to brave the water each year for an invigorating swim. When my cousins, siblings and I arrived on scene, we spent our summers in the same way, often in my grandmother’s care. All of our holidays were spent in her home around her table with my cousins, aunts and uncles. Family was the most important thing to May, and that was evident in everything she did. Our best family moments were spent here together at French’s Point. My best and most vivid childhood memories are filled with this beautiful soul. She loved this magical place because it was about family.

May was an outstanding home cook with her thanksgiving turkey, Christmas roast, apple and rhubarb pies, deviled eggs, BLT sandwiches, homemade french fries, and donuts. She had a sharp wit and big, beautiful smile that could turn your day around in a heartbeat. I inherited my stubborn streak from May. I also have her strong sense of empathy and her desire to love family by feeding them well. I never left my Nana’s house without some sort of treat in my hands.

My grandfather Bill passed at a young age, before I was born and my grandmother never remarried. My sweet father was devoted to his mother. He tenderly cared for her and doted on her (even when she didn’t want him to). My dad also inherited his determination and perseverance from his mom, and though they did not always agree, they loved each other fiercely. Witnessing their love for one another was such a gift. It is truly one of the most beautiful things about my father.

May met my husband Fred a few years before she passed. For this I am grateful. Knowing her has helped him understand me. She gave me the diamond ring my husband used to propose and it never leaves my finger. When we married in 2008, my grandmother was my Matron of Honor and made her way proudly down the promenade to join us at the gazebo to celebrate on that beautiful February afternoon. I could not think of a better soul to be by my side that day. My oldest daughter Bailey May, met her Great Grandmother and namesake before she passed. My other kiddos did not have this blessing. But we keep her alive in the stories we tell them and the family traditions we carry on in her honor. I feel closest to May when I am here at French’s Point, cooking for my family or playing on the beach with my babes. She is only ever a breath away.

Thank you Uncle Jim, for taking good care of our family photos. It was wonderful to walk back through these beautiful memories.

French's Point Legacy: Maybel "May" Harris Brooks - Family Celebration - 1991 French's Point Legacy: Maybel "May" Harris Brooks - Family Celebration 1987 06-21-87 French's Point Legacy: Maybel "May" Harris Brooks Summer of 1977 on the Beach near Sandy Point French's Point Living Legacy: May Brooks - Winter Wedding on the Coast of Maine: Matron of HonorFrench's Point Legacy: Maybel Brooks - Wedding Celebration at the Retreat: Maid of HonorFrench's Point Legacy: May Brooks - 1992 Milestone CelebrationFrench's Point Legacy: Maybel "May" Harris Brooks with Crystal & Misti French's Point Legacy: May Harris Brooks French's Point Legacy: May Brooks - Family Gatherings and CelebrationsFrench's Point Legacy: May Brooks - Milestone Celebrations with Family in MaineFrench's Point Legacy: Maybel "May" Harris Brooks French's Point Legacy: May Brooks - Holiday Celebrations with Family in MaineFrench's Point Legacy: Maybel "May" Harris Brooks - Family Celebration - 1992 Crystal's MemorialFrench's Point Legacy: Maybel "May" Harris Brooks - Family Gathering French's Point Legacy: Maybel "May" Harris Brooks - Family Celebration French's Point Legacy: Maybel "May" Harris Brooks - Family Gathering

French's Point Legacy: Maybel "May" Harris Brooks - Family Celebration - 1992 French's Point Living Legacy: May Brooks French's Point Legacy: May Brooks - Holiday Celebrations with Family in MaineFrench's Point Legacy: Maybel "May" Harris Brooks - Family Gathering French's Point Living Legacy: May BrooksFrench's Point Legacy: Maybel "May" Harris Brooks Summer of 1984 French's Point Legacy: Maybel "May" Harris Brooks Going Fishing on the Beach