Vendor Spotlight: Bear Brook Bakery

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Bear Brook Bakery, located in New  Gloucester, Maine, specializes in providing beautiful custom wedding cakes, event cakes, gourmet cupcakes and sweets. A limited number of orders are accepted as Melissa prides herself on providing exceptional service and delicious custom desserts for her clients.  Please order well in advance of your event to ensure date availability.


How long have you been operating your business?

just over 6 years of sweet sugar creations – opened spring of 2012


How would you describe your products and service?

Bear Brook Bakery specializes in creating custom wedding cakes, sculpted event cakes, cupcakes, and gourmet dessert buffet selections.  Baked with fresh quality ingredients in our licensed and insured home-based bakery, great care is taken to ensure our cakes and desserts are delicious as well as beautifully designed and executed.  Handmade sugar flower arrangements and sculpted toppers are crafted upon request, and a selection of dessert display rentals are also available. Delivery is served to events throughout Maine and parts of New Hampshire.


Can you accommodate food allergies?

Absolutely!  I can accommodate both gluten free and vegan dietary requests.


What’s the average cost per person for your product?

$6-7 on average


Describe your range of design style.

Each cake design is tailored to reflect my clients’ vision, as well as the style, colors, and inspiration elements of the event board. If a client does not have a clear vision for the cake, I am thrilled with the challenge to create a truly unique design using various techniques or mediums otherwise underused.  Designs ranging from clean & modern to rustic & organic or whimsical are each carefully crafted to be an elegant centerpiece of each special event.


What is your absolute favorite dessert?

Ooooh – that’s a tough one!  I’d say it’s a toss-up between warm homemade apple pie topped with vanilla bean ice cream or classic creme brulee – breaking through that crisp caramelized sugar top to the dreamy cream below makes my heart happy!


What is your favorite day trip in Maine?

This is a tricky question as my favorites change with the season – whether it be beach days and lobster shacks in the summer, picking apples at the local orchards in the fall, or hitting the mountains and snowshoe trails in winter.  However, during any season our family always enjoys heading to Mackworth Island to walk the trails, search for shells and pretty rocks along the beach, and hunt for fairy houses and then build new ones!


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Owner Name: Melissa Estes

Business Name: Bear Brook Bakery

Address: (Private Home-appointment only) 605 Penney Rd

City/State/Zip: New Gloucester, ME 04260

Phone: (207)756-4400

Email: [email protected]



Instagram: @bearbrookbakery