Wedding Day Woes – 5 Things That Take More Time Than You Think

Our dear friend, Maria Northcott, the owner of A Sweet Start, travels the State of Maine as the most wonderful wedding officiate. She provides her couples with meaningful, customized, worry-free wedding ceremonies, that are full of love! We adore collaborating with Maria. She is a pro with a huge heart for her clients and the team of wedding vendors that bring their celebrations to life, and it really shows.

Maria and I recently created a list of 5 Things That Take More Time Than You Think On Your Wedding Day. Ask your wedding planner to include these surprisingly time-consuming elements in your wedding day timeline to ensure the festivities flow with ease. Allowing time for them in your day and avoiding the surprise is essential to make sure the day runs smoothly.

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5 Things That Take More Time Than You Think

How To Get Ordained to Officiate a Maine Wedding

wedding officiantCouples often ask us how to have a friend or family member legally officiate their wedding at French’s Point. With all of the rapid online ordination now available, it’s become popular for a member of the wedding party to conduct the service rather than spend a few hundred dollars to hire a reverend. So how do you get ordained for a Maine wedding?

Maine’s rules about officiation are relatively simple – you have to be an “ordained minister of the gospel.” The state does accept online ordination but will require you to mail in a paper copy of your ordination certificate. Most sites email you a certificate that you can print out.

There are all kinds of websites set up to ordain friends and family who want to conduct a wedding service. The Wall Street Journal published an interesting article on these sites a few years back in which the writer got ordained at some pretty outlandish churches, including the Church of the Latter-Day Dude, whose doctrine is based on the movie The Big Lebowski. For a more, well, mainstream outfit, if there is such a thing in the world of instant ordination, Universal Life Church has established itself as the top go-to for one-off reverends, and the certificate is emailed to you in a couple of days. Other church ordinations geared toward wedding officiants include the Church of Spiritual Humanism and the American Fellowship Church. Who new becoming a spiritual leader could be so simple?