Vendor Spotlight: Greta Tucker Photography

French’s Point is excited to continue our series of blog posts spotlighting amazing Maine wedding vendors that help to make weddings & milestone celebrations at our waterfront estate memorable and meaningful. This series will showcase some of the best providers from our vibrant, talented, dedicated wedding industry community we are so proud to be a part of here in Maine and New England. This group of professional wedding vendors understands and adheres to our guiding principles for the service we endeavor to provide our clients: Be Responsive, Be Kind, Provide Excellent Customer Service, Provide the Very Best Product/Service. Because of these wonderful people, the celebrations here are magical.

In this post, I would like to introduce you to my friend Greta of Greta Tucker Photography. Greta offers fine art photography. Her work is vibrant, elegant and timeless. It is formal and immortalizing. It is also candid and intimate. Greta has a strong sense of family relationships and the traditions and values at the heart of them. She understands the profound nature of the milestone moments she is charged with capturing for her couples and does so in a vibrant manner, every time. She was born in Armenia, raised in Russia and now lives here in Maine with her husband, her adorable daughter and sweet son. She has been working as a wedding photographer for 5 years and has been published in top including Brides, Burnett’s Boards, Bridal Guide, The Venue Report and 100 Layer Cake

Allow me to introduce my sweet and talented friend, Greta Tucker.

How long have you been operating your business?

I have been photographing weddings for the past 5 years.

How would you describe your style?

I am a fine art wedding photographer and above all it is about making beautiful, vibrant images, that are timeless and elegant.

What lead you to be a wedding photographer?

Having lived in different countries gave me an in-depth understanding and appreciation for culture, traditions, family values. Of all traditions, I believe that marriage is one of the most important milestones in a person’s life and being able to document this day is a dream come true for me.

What is your favorite moment to photograph on the wedding day?

I adore photographing the ceremony and particularly the moment the groom sees his bride (even if they chose to have the first look before the ceremony).

Do you have a favorite spot at French’s Point to photograph couples?

One of my absolute favorites is the location directly behind the gazebo, you have the most breathtaking view.

Do you suggest having a second shooter at a French’s Point wedding?

This is one of the must-haves in wedding photography, especially if you are inviting over 100 guests.

How many hours of coverage do you suggest for a French’s Point wedding?

Number of hours always depends on the needs of the couple and ideally I recommend that coverage begins no later than 60 minutes before the bride gets dressed and 60 minutes into the dance party.

What is your favorite day trip in Maine?

One of my new favorites is Otter Cliff in Acadia National Park. We love exploring and finding new stunning locations with my family and always end up using these locations for engagement photoshoots with my couples.

Owner Name: Greta Tucker

Business Name: Greta Tucker Photography

Address: 17 Graham Hill Rd #17

City/State/Zip: Westbrook

Phone: 207-294-2993





A Sweet Summer Wedding in June

Carolyn & TJ

Saturday, June 10, 2017

As we begin to shift our focus to the year ahead and another wedding season of hosting beautiful milestone celebrations for our guests here at French’s Point, we can’t help but reminisce on some of the beautiful weekends and guests we hosted here on the shores of Penobscot Bay this past season.

The early-summer wedding of Carolyn and TJ remains a highlight of the summer for our tiny team. This elegant wedding included a guests list of kind, loving and thoughtful family and friends that traveled from near and far to celebrate with the happy couple. The weather that day could not have been more blessed.

In short, it was the ideal summer day for a wedding; perfectly suited to this wonderful duo. Carolyn and TJ, with help from their wedding planner, Kristin, at Beehive Creative worked to ensure the details of the event came together seamlessly and with the help of Trillium Catering, guests were well fed, always had a drink in hand, and a smile on their face. I recall being struck by the laughter and revelry which floated on the breeze along with the sweet smell of beach rose.

“I recall being struck by the laughter and revelry which floated on the breeze along with the sweet smell of beach rose.” – Jessika Brooks-Brewer

We are excited to see what the future brings this wonderful couple and were beyond honored to host and serve them here at French’s Point where they got their start in life as a married couple.

Carolyn & TJ’s Vendor Team:

  • Bar Services: Trillium Catering
  • Catering: Trillium Catering
  • Ceremony and Cocktail Music: Unknown
  • Ceremony Venue: French’s Point Waterfront Gazebo
  • Design and Styling: N/A
  • Dessert: Trillium Catering
  • Dinner and Dancing Entertainment: Double Platinum Celebrations
  • DJ: DJ Chris – Double Platinum Celebrations
  • Month of Coordinator: Beehive Creative
  • Favors: N/A
  • Fireworks: N/A
  • Floral Design: Broadturn Farm
  • Hair: Glow Salon – Kim
  • Makeup: Glow Salon – Katie
  • Officiant: Kat Logan – Friend of the Couple
  • Photo Booth: Maine to Boston Photo Booth Rental
  • Photography: Ramble Free Photo Co. – Hannah
  • Reception Venue: French’s Point Sailcloth Tent
  • Rentals: One Stop Event Rentals and  French’s Point
  • Transportation: Bo Mar Transportation and Field of Greens (Limo)
  • Videography: N/A

Deciding to do a First Look at French’s Point?

Traditionally, many efforts have been made to keep the couple from seeing each other on the wedding day prior to the ceremony. Even though so many wedding traditions have fallen by the wayside, this tradition remained. However, in recent years, we have seen a major trend shift in the approach to wedding photos that has increasingly caused this age-old tradition to loose footing as well. We have seen the emergence of the “First Look” photo session before the wedding ceremony takes place. The “First Look” is a term photographers use to describe when the couple sees each other for the first time before the ceremony in a private setting and it is captured on film for posterity. With a “First Look,” the photographer will stage a moment, usually in a beautiful, scenic, private spot, where they’ll capture you and your sweetie seeing each other for the first time on your wedding day, freshly dressed in your wedding attire. At French’s Point, this usually happens an hour or two before the ceremony and is followed by a series of photos of just you and your intended. Sometimes even the wedding party will be photographed before the ceremony, just after the first look.

There are so many amazing spots here on our property to stage a “First Look,” or a private session like this between just the two of you and the photographer, and then eventually, your immediate family and wedding party. A recent couple chose to have their first look on the Relaxation Room balcony on the second level overlooking Penobscot Bay, while another chose to have it on the beach down by the ocean, and another staged their first look on our overlook terrace at Beach Rose Farm, and another under our wedding tree. When you come for a visit, you’ll see how many stunning options you have to choose from to customize your “First Look” experience.

It is important for each of our couples to decide what is best for them. Everyone has different expectations, personalities, visions of their wedding day, and other wedding day logistics to consider when making the decision about whether or not to have a First Look. In order to help you make the decision that’s right for you, we’re laying out what we see are the pros and cons of a First Look.

4 Pros of a “First Look”

  1. It’s a beautiful, intimate moment for you two to connect before the ceremony without anyone watching. For people who don’t like being the center of attention, this can ease that stress.
  2. It can make you more relaxed during your ceremony because the anxiety of seeing each other for the first time has already elapsed. And a more relaxed ceremony is always a good thing.
  3. In order to prepare for the First Look, you’re in your wedding outfit early, which means the wedding will likely start on time. Most weddings start late due to it taking longer to get dressed than was allotted for, so having a “First Look” means you’ll be all dressed up and ready to go well in advance of the ceremony.
  4. If you get a lot of photos taken before the ceremony, you’ll have fewer to take afterwards, which means you’ll be able to relax with your guests and enjoy the cocktail hour. Cheers!

A “First Look,” is the right choice for some of our clients, but not for all. There are certainly reasons to forgo the “First Look.” Since I was married here in 2008, I can share with you why I felt that not having a “First Look” was the right choice for me.

5 Cons of a “First Look”

  1. There are only so many surprises in life… why not forgo the “First Look” and enjoy the surprise and delight of that first moment when you walk the path toward your beloved… speaking from first-hand experience, that memory will burn brightly for years to come, charged with much excitement, love and anticipation.
  2. Sometimes traditions are wonderfully sweet, as is the case with not seeing your future spouse on the wedding day before the ceremony. I feel that not having a “First Look” is one tradition that is often times, very well suited to clients that choose French’s Point for their wedding. This is because we offer such dramatic ceremony locations and entrances… there is nothing that surpasses the beauty a stroll down our 250 foot promenades.
  3. You have more time to prepare before the ceremony and can actually start this process a bit later in the morning if you forgo the “First Look.” The end result is a more relaxed preparation period and more time to enjoy the company of your wedding party. This is of particular importance for anyone who chooses to have a large number of attendants, as you will need to allow more time for hair and make-up services.
  4. You run a greater risk of your ceremony starting late if your “First Look” starts late which can also make the time before the ceremony more stressful.
  5. There is an increased likelihood that your early-arriving guests will catch a glimpse of you before the ceremony if you have a “First Look.”

Another Option

If you forgo a “First Look” because for you the cons outweigh the pros, consider a “First Touch.” This is when the photographer stages a moment for the two of you to be photographed touching backs, holding hands on either side of a door, or partition between you, or blindfolded and hugging but not actually seeing each other. Fun, right? I have seen some very sweet moments this year where clients have chosen to exchange and read love notes to each other on the opposite side of the door while holding hands. So sweet!

However you choose to embrace these ideas is up to you. We, here at French’s Point, strongly encourage you to personalize your wedding in whatever ways make sense for you and your sweetie.

Featured photo by Rebecca Arthurs Photography

Deciding to do a First Look at French's Point | Cuppa Photography

Cuppa Photography

Deciding to do a First Look at French's Point | Cuppa Photography

Cuppa Photography

Deciding to do a First Look at French's Point | Michele Turner Photography

Michele Turner Photography

Deciding to do a First Look at French's Point | Christy Murray Photography

Christy Murray Photography

Vendor Spotlight: Russell Caron Wedding Photography

French’s Point Estate is thrilled to continue a new series of blog posts spotlighting amazing Maine wedding vendors that help to make weddings at our waterfront wedding venue not only successful but truly the embodiment of the experience our clients strive to craft for their family and friends. This series will showcase some of the best providers from our vibrant, talented, dedicated wedding industry community we are so proud to be a part of here in Maine and New England. This group of professional wedding vendors understands and adheres to our guiding principles for the service we endeavor to provide our clients: Be Responsive, Be Kind, Provide Excellent Customer Service, Provide the Very Best Product/Service. Because of these wonderful people, the celebrations here are French’s Point Estate are the stuff of which dreams are made!

I met Russ several years ago when he made the shift to focus full time on his growing wedding photography business. He made the time to come sit down and meet with me, and I was immediately appreciative that he was part of my community. In the passing years, Russ has established himself as a calm, attentive, professional, active-voice within the Maine wedding industry. Russ always has his eyes on the future and is constantly working toward not only improving himself professionally (which he certainly has done… he was named Maine Wedding Photographer of the Year for 2016 by the Maine Professional Photographers Association), but also helping to raise the bar of the Maine wedding photography community and wedding industry in Maine as a whole. His communication style is kind, patient, engaging and responsive. Those are four of my favorite traits in a wedding vendor!   His partner in life and business, Liz, is a wonderful, calming voice on wedding day and she creates beautiful work as well. Individually, Russ and Liz are both talented and kind professionals. Together, they are an amazing team!

How long have you been operating your business?

We’ve been wedding photographers for more than 20 years and full-time wedding photographers for 10 years.

How would you describe your style?

Our style is that perfect blend of journalistic, artistic, and editorial, and is comprised of several “signature” shots for which we’re well-known. Part of our style is the comfort we lend to our couples, their families, and friends through our calm demeanor, experience, and personalities. We love removing the apprehensions people may have about being photographed for the course of a day. We also are very proud of how our detail planning ahead, and managing expectations, with our couples makes for very smooth-running wedding days with everything flowing effortlessly.

What lead you to photograph weddings?

Russ: years ago, just after high school, I had a camera and a co-worker needed her wedding photographed. That led to many more, and it led to my realizing I loved everything about photographing the memories of a wedding day.

Liz: I met Russ in 2012, and he introduced me to photography. I was instantly hooked on weddings!

What is your favorite moment to photograph throughout the whole wedding day?

Russ: The environmental artistic set, where we incorporate our couple into the beautiful landscape.

Liz: Moments such as when a dad presents his daughter to the groom at the ceremony.

Do you suggest having a second shooter if they are having a French’s Point wedding?

We photograph weddings (and engagements sessions!) as a team, virtually all of the time. Our clients get the benefit of having two pairs of eyes on them during every phase of their wedding day. As we like to say, a wedding consists of two key people and each deserves their own photographer, especially during first looks and the exchange of vows.

How many hours of coverage do you suggest for a French’s Point wedding?

Hours of coverage will depend on several factors. Is the couple having a first look? Does the bride and groom have a large wedding party? How many immediate family members will there be to photograph in the family formals? What is the size of the guest list? An important goal for us is to never make a bride feel hurried or stressed on her wedding day. We make sure there is time for all aspects of getting ready, bridal portraits, first look, bridesmaids photos. Plus we build in down time before the ceremony so that our brides have time to freshen up, have a snack, and relax before they walk down the aisle. Having said that, almost all of our French’s Point couples buy our 10 hour package, which allows them day-start to day-end coverage without having to rush anything to fit in.

What is your favorite day trip in Maine?

Russ: I love visiting Belfast. It’s picturesque, alive with activity, and has some of the best restaurants and bakeries in Maine. It’s a perfect day trip from almost anywhere in Maine.

Liz: I have so many favorites! One of my current favorites is Kittery Foreside, especially Wallingford Square. Fantastic restaurants, an amazing bakery, wonderful shops, and so picturesque! The fact that it’s less than an hour away is a huge bonus!

French's Point Vendor Spotlight: Russell Caron Photography
Russell and Liz Caron
Russell Caron Photography
2 Main Street
Biddeford, ME 04005


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