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Published December 27th, 2012

Distinction makes all the difference when it comes to picking a wedding venue. We at French’s Point, think our spot is as unique as they come.  So, in this series we’ll briefly touch on a few of our favorite, special attributes. Last time, we looked at our 280-degree ocean view. Today, we will highlight our year-round availability.

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Traditionally, when people think of having a Maine wedding, they usually think of hosting it during peak season – the spring and summer and early fall.  Historically March & June have be THE months for a wedding.  However, September and October are fast-becoming the more desirable season due to the beautiful fall foliage, fall festivals, and lighter tourist traffic on the coast of Maine. And the coolest (pardon the pun) development is that winter weddings are coming into their own. Couples are realizing the potential of a cold-weather wedding – the horse-drawn sleigh rides, snow games, and the gorgeous aesthetic of the white landscape.  These events pose such a beautiful contrast to their spring and summer counterparts, and also offer lower costs across all services due to the lower demand to vendors during this time.

French’s Point is one of the few oceanfront properties in Maine that doesn’t close down during the winter. We love this quieter time of year. Many of our guests during this time cross-country ski and snowshoe on the Sandy Point State Park trails, build snowmen with the kids, sip nog beside one of the many fireplaces on the property. With winter weddings, we typically still use the outdoor fire pits for the reception or pre-wedding party. We just bundle everybody up and go outside for some portion of the event. It warms up nicel and there’s no beating the view.  Guests can move back inside to our roaring fire places and warm cocktails, to heat them in and out!

It’s fun as a wedding planner to see how different couples interpret the opportunities and aesthetic of a given Maine season. For more on what we’ve done by season, check out the seasonal itineraries of past French’s Point weddings (spring, summer, fall, winter). And as always, we’re open to new suggestions!

What Makes French’s Point Unique Series : Part One : The Ocean View