Vendor Spotlight: Churchill Events

Our mission is to provide the finest service, event planning, and creative cuisine available. ~ Churchill Events

How long have you been operating your business?

23 years

What inspired your passion for catering?

No doubt I was inspired by my mother and two grandmothers… all of whom were excellent (and often inventive) cooks. I was always underfoot in their kitchens, asking if I could help… and even if I could prepare the entire meal. At the age of 11, I was asked by a university grad student, newly arrived from India, to help him and his wife learn to cook “American style” food. I guess I was ‘hooked’ at that point. In addition, I have always had a desire to create, to please clients, and to work with co-workers who are as compassionate about their work as I am.

What food items would you suggest to a client hosting a destination wedding in Maine?

Sustainable products from Maine (seasonal vegetables and fruits, lobsters, clams, oysters, salmon, haddock, scallops) wherever and whenever possible.

Do you cater rehearsal dinners and other various wedding weekend meals?

We can provide services for rehearsal dinners, sports events kickoff continental breakfasts, brunch, picnic lunches, lobster bakes, and welcome receptions…along with after-parties.

Please describe your ideal client.

The ideal client: someone who can verbalize what they want in terms of the overall design theme and who can articulate what they like for food… then leave it all to us to propose the complete package for their final approval.

How would you describe your wedding fare and service style?

Our wedding fare is generally described by our clients as “the best wedding food we’ve ever had” and tied for first place with the service staff who are always polite, attentive, helpful, and don’t know how to say ‘no’. Whatever (within reason and the regulations of French’s Point) they want we should be able to provide.

Owner(s) Name: Craig Williams

Business Name: Churchill Events

Address: 1037 Forest Avenue, Suites 8-9

City/State/Zip: Portland, ME 04103

Phone: 207-878-2277





Vendor Spotlight: Heather of Bar Harbor Catering Company

“At Bar Harbor Catering Company, we’re foodies with an extreme case of wanderlust. Our mission is to produce extraordinary events with legendary customer service and modern Maine cuisine, created by happy people.” – Bar Harbor Catering Company

How long have you been operating your business?

2009 – we’re celebrating our 10 year anniversary this year!

How would you describe your services?

BHCC has grown into a full-service catering and event planning company focusing on the client and their overall experience, not only on the event day but in the months and even years leading up to an event. BHCC’s team spends time getting to know each client and then creates unique experiences based on their dreams and expectations. In the kitchen, our commitment to quality ingredients is essential. We utilize local organic produce whenever possible and source sustainable ingredients from local farms.

What makes your work unique?

We live by the saying “good enough is not enough.” This reaches beyond the dining experience at events. From the initial planning process and venue site visits to how we train and develop each of our team members to event design and creation, we never settle for mediocrity.

  • Woman-owned and run
  • Specialize in one-on-one style service
  • Offer ​additional substantial benefits​ to booking our services
  • Community involvement
  • Locally sourced ingredients, work with farms to bring the farm to table style offerings
  • Compost and recycling program, ​Sustainable Business Pledge
  • Different is the new normal
  • Gaining popularity, our private event chefs serve restaurant-quality food in small, unique settings

How would you describe your style?

We pride ourselves on forging our own path, taking cues from the old, new, textured, traditional, nontraditional, unconventional, and everything in between. We also look to where we live for A LOT of our style inspiration. Extra touches, which are above and beyond the expected, make each event even more special and unique. We go where each client’s event goes – be that at a campground, an estate perched on a cliff, a rustic farmhouse, or anywhere in between.

For anyone planning a wedding or major event, one of the most alluring qualities of this place is the beautiful backdrops. The evergreen forests hugging the cragged shores, the fields full of lupines that, at night, dance beneath one of the darkest night skies you’ll ever see, and the way the sea, lakes, rivers, streams, mountains, and wide-open spaces all come together in one place. It’s simply magical. The natural, authentic rugged elegance of Maine is one of BHCC’s specialties.

We also do a lot of travel worldwide to keep the seasons of our craft fresh and growing!

How would you describe your ideal client?

Any client is our ideal client. As cheesy as that sounds, we love working with clients, no matter whether they have any ideas about their event or none at all – getting to know them is one of our favorite parts of the planning process! Although, a love of food is a must! If great food (and service) isn’t a priority for a particular couple, we likely won’t be a good fit for their event.

What is your favorite moment on the wedding day?

I’m a total sucker for when the couple sees one another for the first time. The raw emotional beauty of that unveiling is so wondrous. My second favorite, which is a close second, is that moment when the couple looks around in awe and just basks in the love of having their family and friends gathered in one place to celebrate their marriage. Because, there’s always that moment – when they’re sitting down to listen to toasts or when they’ve finished eating a bite to eat and they look around at everyone gathered…I always feel truly honored to witness that moment.

What is your favorite day trip in Maine?

One of my go-to ways to relax is to head into the woods for a long walk or hike. Living so close to Acadia National Park, this is certainly easy enough to do, but I love to escape to a more remote location. Moosehead Lake has been a very special spot for me for nearly 25 years. Whether I’m exploring the woods, kayaking on the lake, or laying on the beach staring up at the stars, it’s where I always feel the most at peace.

Owner Name: Mandy Fountaine

Planner Name: Heather Anderson

Business Name: Bar Harbor Catering Company

Address: PO Box 748

City/State/Zip: Bar Harbor, ME 04609 Phone: 207.801.9382