For Vendors

To aid in the planning process for our mutual clients’ celebration, we have provided you with floor plans for each of our most commonly utilized event spaces on as well as The Tent page of our website.

French’s Point has a variety of inventory items on property for guest & vendor use. The inventory includes but is not limited to ceremony chairs, event tables and chairs, patio furniture, patio bars and tent bars. To view the full inventory list, please view the document below. The wedding planner & caterer are responsible for setting these items up & returning them to storage after use.

Rentals deliveries, event installations & pickup need to be scheduled within the client’s reservation term. Delivery & pickup locations should be defined by the Event Planner & confirmed with Site Manager.

Our commercial kitchen is located on the lower level of The Retreat House and is available to licensed and insured caterers approved by our office for meal preparation for events located in the Dining Room of the Retreat House or Gazebo Promenade. For a full list of inventory items within the catering kitchen, please view the document below. The service tent is adjoined to the backside of the Sail Cloth Tent and services events in the Tent or Oceanfront Lawn. Catering Equipment will need to be rented for service out of this location.

All vendors must carry liability insurance and carry applicable licenses in the state of Maine.

Please submit your Certificate of Liability Insurance and other applicable forms to our office prior to your arrival at the estate. COIs can be obtained on

Primary Vendors- Planner, Caterer & Bar:

Must be hired from the French’s Point Preferred Vendor Guide. If the Client wishes to hire a Planner, Caterer or Bar, not on this Guide, the Vendor must complete a familiarization process with French’s Point & be approved by our office before they are hired by the Client.

Secondary Vendors- All Other Professionals:

Professionals offering services such as Photography, Cinematography, Floral & Event Design, Equipment Rentals, Entertainment, Attire, Transportation, Confectioners/Bakers, Officiants, do not need to be hired from our Preferred Vendor Guide, or be approved before they are hired by the client.

All Vendors

All vendors must carry liability insurance, be licensed (when applicable for the service they provide), by the State of Maine, follow all local, State & Federal laws, & agree to uphold French’s Point Professional Conduct Requirements, when providing service at the estate.