10 Reasons to Get Married in Maine

Beach Wedding at French's Point Maine
Published September 18th, 2023

Vacationland. That’s the slogan you’ll see proudly displayed on Maine’s license plates and welcome Billboards. Maine attracts more than 15 million visitors per year who come to enjoy its natural beauty, fantastic food, friendly residents, outdoor activities, recreational opportunities, charming towns, and family fun. The state that’s the home of Stephen King, more than 60 lighthouses, and most of the country’s supply of lobsters warmly welcome people from across the globe. It’s the perfect place for a destination wedding for all these reasons and more:

  1. Romantic setting. With Maine’s forests, mountains, and coastline to choose from, you can find the perfect location for your dream wedding. The breathtaking natural beauty will lend a romantic backdrop that will live forever in your memories — and your wedding photos.
  2. Year-round perfection. No matter what season you get married, Maine is always romantic, with its gentle summer breezes, colorful autumn foliage, peaceful winter snow, and fresh spring flowers.
  3. Food beyond lobster. Maine is a haven for people who love good food. It has a thriving food and restaurant scene, award-winning chefs, and talented wedding caterers.
  4. Delicious lobster. Most of the country’s lobsters come from Maine. Your wedding guests will be thrilled to enjoy this delicacy close to its source as they celebrate your al fresco lobster bake, enjoyed along with stunning views of the ocean.
  5. Blueberry pie. Serve the quintessential Maine treat, blueberry pie as dessert for your rehearsal dinner. Made with Maine’s incomparable fresh blueberries, the pie is the state’s official dessert for good reason.
  6. An opportunity for people to gather together. With a wedding venue site that has accommodations on the premises (such as French’s Point) or nearby for all of your guests, your Maine wedding could be the occasion that brings far-flung friends and family together for a once-in-a-lifetime gathering. Our weekend wedding retreats at French’s Point feel like a vacation, and a reunion, with a wedding at the heart of the experience.
  7. So many things for your guests to do. If your guests come for a few days, they will enjoy a vacation they will never forget. Hikers, bikers, boaters, beach walkers, golfers, foodies, art lovers, sightseers, explorers, and people who simply want to kick back and relax will all find something to delight them.
  8. Small town charm. Your guests will enjoy exploring Maine’s charming small towns with their unique shops, galleries, & restaurants.
  9. Friendly people. The warm, friendly people of Maine will make you feel welcome. They are proud of their beautiful state and are delighted that so many people are choosing to host their weddings in Maine.
  10. Outstanding wedding venues.  For all the reasons above and more, getting married in Maine is a popular choice. The state’s best wedding venues will provide you with a wedding experience that will exceed your expectations.

Getting Married in Maine at French’s Point

French’s Point in Maine’s Midcoast is a magical place for a weekend wedding retreat. Every weekend, the entire estate is reserved exclusively, for one couple and their guests. Take a 3D virtual tour on our site anytime to experience the gorgeous buildings, promenade, terrace, and oceanfront lawn. To arrange a tour in person or to ask any questions you may have, contact us. We’d be glad to discuss your plans with you!


Photography Credit: Frame and Anchor