Coastal Wedding Inspiration

  • February, 2024

    5 Reasons New Yorkers are Having Weekend Weddings in Maine

    Are you a New Yorker looking for the perfect wedding destina…

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  • September, 2023

    10 Reasons to Get Married in Maine


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  • August, 2023

    Planning A Successful Al Fresco Rehearsal Dinner at French’s Point

    A quintessential part of a memorable in-season weekend weddi…

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  • February, 2019

    A Neighborhood Wedding Celebration

    We are blessed… for so many reasons.

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  • February, 2018

    A Weekend Winter Wedding Itinerary for French’s Point

    Winter Weddings at French’s Point are always a favorite of o…

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  • October, 2017

    Sunny Summer French’s Point Wedding

    Caitlyn and Mike’s sunny, summer French’s Point wedding wa…

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  • August, 2017

    French’s Point Maine Blueberry Signature Cocktails

    If you are looking for creative ways to personalize your wed…

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  • July, 2017

    Fourth of July Pinwheel Wedding Celebration

    If you’re looking for some fun and festive Fourth of July we…

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  • June, 2017

    6 Best Lawn Games for Weddings

    There is no better way to spend a sunny afternoon on the coa…

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  • May, 2017

    Your 3-Day Stay at the Retreat at French’s Point

    Our couples choose The Retreat at French’s Point to host t…

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