10 Wedding Tips for a Fabulous Maine Wedding

Wedding Shoes
Published June 5th, 2017

#1 Discuss Your Vision

Sit down with your sweetie before you begin planning and discuss your vision of the wedding weekend and prioritize the elements for your wedding together before you do ANYTHING else.

#2 Add a Line to Your RSVP Card

Include a line on your RSVP cards for guests to write in their chosen lodging location. This will provide valuable information when it comes time to set up shuttles and for delivery of welcome bags.

#3 48 Hours of Mindful Nutrition and Wellness

To be and feel your best on your wedding day, we cannot stress enough the importance of preparing in the 48 hours prior to the big day. Get a massage 48 hours prior to the wedding. This will allow time for the redness caused by increased circulation to dissipate, and the toxins to flush from your body. Get lots of sleep in the days leading into to your wedding weekend. Stay on your normal exercise schedule. It will help give you the energy you need to be on top of your game. Be mindful to drink lots of water and limit alcohol before the big day. Eat good quality forms of protein that will give you the balanced energy to sustain you throughout the day and night. Take the time to meditate or just spend a few moments alone soaking in the beauty and emotion of this experience. You will be so glad you did.

#4 Hire a Wedding Planner

Hire a wedding planner to assemble your wedding vendor team and manage all the details of your celebration to bring your vision of this event to life. They will help you create a weekend of meaningful experiences for your guests and allow you to be present to enjoy the event. I cannot stress the value and importance of this enough.

#5 Ask Yourself These Questions

Think about the kind of experience you want to create for your guests and consider this as you make choices about your celebration. Your wedding guests are those people you hold most near and dear, and those relationships you value above all others. Consider their comfort when you draft a timeline.

  • How long will they sit in the sun for the ceremony?
  • Can they hear you as you say your vows?
  • Is there a sound system to ensure this?
  • Are your guests safe?
  • Can your elderly grandparents comfortably walk to the ceremony site or do they need a golf cart ride to chauffeur them around?
  • Is the food good, plentiful and memorable (guests remember food more than almost anything at a wedding)?
  • Are beverages (alcoholic, non-alcoholic and above all else, water) readily available?
  • Are they waiting in long lines for drinks?
  • Are your tiny guests safe and occupied?
  • Did you provide a sitter so parents can relax a bit?
  • Did you provide some activities such as bubbles, airplanes, balls or hula hoops to help get some of that post-ceremony wiggles out?
  • Is the music good?
  • Are your guests going to want to dance?
  • Will they be able to hear each other over the music comfortably?
  • Do guests have time to explore the area and see and feel the things that make Maine and New England special to you?
  • Did you create a list of places to go and things to do for them to consider while here and post on your wedding app or website?
  • Did you allow downtime and opportunity in your weekend to visit and relax with your guests?

#6 Create an Emergency Kit

Don’t forget your emergency kit.

#7 Pen a Love Letter

Take the time to pen a love letter to give to your intended before the ceremony. It will set the stage for an even more magical ceremony.

#8 Have a Bustler!

Make sure your wedding bustle is strong and someone knows how to do it besides you. You cannot successfully bustle your own dress while in it!

#9 Forgo the Veil?

If you choose to wear a veil for your ceremony at French’s Point, consider the breeze and keep the veil shorter than finger-tip length, or better still, forgo it altogether.

#10 Consider your Shoes

You want to keep in mind you will be on your feet for a few hours. Those beautiful stilettos might look divine for the ceremony, but they will kill your feet and sink into the lawn making it challenging to walk for photos. Have a change of shoes at the ready like espadrilles or flats for photos and the reception. No one can really see your shoes under your dress, so better to be comfortable than suffer through the reception. Save your feet for dancing!

Featured image by Haven Photography.