A Tribute To Our Exceptional Team 

The Retreat House at French's Point in Stockton Springs Maine
Published August 22nd, 2023

We are always grateful for compliments that we receive from our guests, on the beauty of the estate & how special it is. Hearing this NEVER gets old. 


But this year, we have consistently received praise from vendors (photographers, videographers, planners) that have worked here over the years. They have shared with us how the property has never looked this well cared for & it is more enchanting than ever. Hearing this means so much!


All the hard work that my tiny-but-mighty team has completed, all the blood, sweat & tears that they have poured into this estate, to breathe life & purpose into a place, loved for so long, by so many visitors…. this is why we do this. 



I am so proud of our team…. Ashley, our Hospitality Manager, who leads with love, light, laughter & grit, & always with a beautiful smile; Adam our Facilities Manager, who is so kind, has an incredible work ethic & such a beautiful vision of where he will take this property over time; Kristy & Bailey in laundry, who spots with the eagle eyes for every wrinkle, every snag, every stain, every tear; Cheryl, Carol, Laura, Karen, Julie, who make it all sparkle, shine & smell good; Matt who just joined the landscape team this year & is knocking it out of the park; Kim our Site Manager, that cares for the homes & our guests with equal parts love; Dale & Steve, our security officers, who keep the estate & our guests safe while they make lifelong memories. 


Behind this beautiful place, there are so many incredible people with big hearts… & for each and every one of them, I am grateful beyond measure. They are the very fabric, the pure magic, of French’s Point.