The Farm at French’s Point Intimate Wedding Package

French's Point
Published May 17th, 2012

The Farm House at French's Point - Destination Wedding Venue - Maine Family Vacation Rental HomeWell, the weather is warming up here at French’s Point and the air is rich with the mingling scent of the Penobscot Bay seawater, fresh-cut grass, and blooming lilacs. No matter how many years I spend here, spring at French’s Point always strikes me anew with its beauty.  Sometimes on these lovely spring mornings, I like to imagine what it must have been like for the residents of our old farmhouse, The Farm at French’s Point, to wake up to the same still bay, make breakfast on the hearth, and set out to work the land. It’s an easy thing to imagine because The Farm at French’s Point has been so carefully preserved since it was built by Col. Benjamin Shute in 1764. The farmhouse still has many of its original details.  When we restored and expanded the farmhouse in 2002, we used the same materials that were used in the original construction like the wide pine board floors, replica trim and exposed hand-hewn wooden beams. It still has that comfortable quiet and old-fashioned wood-frame scent.

But we also added some upgrades and modern amenities. We’ve expanded the house so that it now encompasses 5,500 square feet with panoramic views of the bay, five fireplaces, 13 bedrooms with en suite bathrooms. And then there’s the state-of-the-art kitchen with every conceivable kitchen and fireplace lounge area with the flat-screen television. The Farm is truly a beautiful blending of the old with the new.

The Farm’s home-away-from-home atmosphere makes it a great spot to accommodate family and friends attending your wedding next door at French’s Point Estate. Beach Rose Farm is also the ideal setting for an intimate wedding of 30 or fewer people, all of whom can be accommodated at The Farm. Imagine sitting your ceremony in the farm’s historic gazebo overlooking the bay; spreading your reception out on the recreation lawn for a game of croquet or bocce, enjoying cocktails on the Overlook Terrace, imbuing your guests with the quintessential Maine culinary experience: a lobster bake on the beach; chatting with loved-ones around the fire pit, and concluding the day with a romantic walk on the farm’s sandy private shore to absorb an amazing vista of the eastern sunset over the bay. For the right couple, we like to think this is a great, affordable option for a beautiful intimate wedding. Estate Rental Fees range depending on the length of stay (3 and 5 night stays available)and the time of year (peak or off-peak).

If you’re planning a small wedding with an inclusive, family atmosphere, I encourage you to take a tour of The Farm at French’s Point. It’s truly a charming venue.