Beat the Heat: Plan Ahead For Hot Weather on Your Wedding

French's Point
Published June 4th, 2013

This past weekend was the first unexpected heatwave of the summer here in Maine. Although our property is perfectly set against the backdrop of the ocean with a nice breeze coming across the gazebo where most couples host their ceremony, we still prepare for the summer scorching sun and high temperatures. We have plans and backup plans to ensure our couples have the perfect day despite the heat and their guests are comfortable and have a fantastic time.

If you are planning your wedding for a weekend in June/July/August and concerned that the heat will affect your ceremony here are a few things to keep in mind while working with your other vendors:

Choose flowers that fare better in the heat and won’t immediately wilt in the sun. Work with your florist to create the perfect bouquets that will hold up in the heat. Calla Lillys, Roses and Orchids are some of our favorites. Consider incorporating grasses, branches or succulents for an interesting look and greenery that will hold up in any weather.

We will help to make sure your cake is kept cool and ready to eat for your reception, but when working with your cake designer there are some things to consider to make sure you don’t have a melted lopsided cake in the heat. Whipped cream, cheesecake and fondant cake are the worst 3 choices when for a hot weather summer wedding. The best choice would be buttercream icing with a fruit filling. Thicker frosted cakes seem to last much longer than any other kind of wedding cake. Try to avoid decorating the cake sides with accents that will slide or shift in the heat. Well secured flowers will look fresh and stay put.

Less is more when the heat starts to affect your make-up. Fresh and light will be your motto. When buying products if you are doing your own make-up look for waterproof options. Also, if you are planning a mid-summer wedding, having a professional beauty consultant is worth the money. They know every trick to keep your face looking natural and glowing without looking sweaty or weighed down.

You want to give your guests a party favor they will remember. Even better, make it a party favor they will actually be able to use. A paper parasol or fan will be extremely useful during the ceremony and create color and movement that will look great in photographs. Other favors to include in small baskets or bags are single service suntan lotion or sunglasses.