Bridal Boudoir Preparations at French’s Point Estate

Published August 22nd, 2016

One of the things that our clients enjoy as part of their experience here at French’s Point on their wedding day is the space we provide on the second level of the estate exclusively for the bridal party for preparations. This collection of four rooms includes a waterfront Relaxation Room with a dining table, couches and beautiful oceanfront balcony with swings and dining tables. It also includes the Bridal Boudoir which is comprised of a Dressing Room were gowns and attire can be hung and safely stored during preparations, a Vanity where hair and make-up artists can enjoy the beautiful natural light, and a restroom. These spaces are available on the wedding day to the bridal party and they are intended to provide a relaxing sanctuary to enjoy this special time together. It also allows for rest and calm away from the hustle and bustle while the last of the details are put into place by your wedding vendor team.

As your big day draws near, here are a few things to keep in mind to maximize the enjoyment of your time in the Bridal Boudoir and Relaxation Room:

  • Try your dress on at home one more time before traveling to French’s Point.
  • Don’t forget to bring:
    • Jewelry
    • Pain reliever
    • Undergarments
    • Toiletries and deodorant
    • Sunscreen
    • Make-up/skin care products
    • Cell phone charger
    • Button up shirt
    • Comfortable change of shoes
    • After party attire and shoes
  • Tunes are always fun as you’re getting ready! Bring your personal sound device and portable speakers. Don’t forget that charger.
  • Bring your heels, dresses, undergarments and preparation bag with you to ceremony rehearsal. We will hang your dresses in the bridal boudoir to keep them from wrinkling. We recommend that you bring the shoes you’re wearing on the wedding day to practice walking down the promenade & scuff up those shiny soles on our cobblestone to prevent slipping!
  • Arrive on time for your hair and make-up appointment, with dry hair and a clean, well-moisturized face.
  • Instagram! Document the day and your favorite moments with #fpmaine.
  • We suggest you provide beverages (water, coffee, juice) and light food during preparations. We suggest you avoid sweets and enjoy good protein to be sure everyone can comfortably enjoy this time. You will hear us say “drink water, drink water, drink water” all day long. Here are some suggestions for providers:
    • Creative Catering (Delivery or pick up)- 207-567-3563
    • Good Kettle (Delivery or pick up)- 207-567-2035
    • Bay Wrap (Pick up only)- 207-338-9757
    • Bell The Cat (Delivery or pick up)- 207-338- 2084
    • There is also a Hannaford and Subway in Bucksport or Belfast.
    • Note: If you are ordering meals, we suggest you do so in advance regardless of if you want delivery.
    • Note: You may consider having meals delivered to the groom’s party where they are getting ready as well.
  • Before you walk down the aisle, please pack up your belongings and move them to the dressing room for safe-keeping. This will make departure less stressful at the end of the night! Housekeeping staff will tidy the boudoir suite during the ceremony.
  • If you’d like professional steaming services for gowns or dresses, please contact Sandi McKeen, 207-567-3477 and schedule this service no later than two weeks prior to the date you need it.

Header photo by Darling Photography


Bridal BoudoirKim Chapman Photography

Bridal BoudoirRebecca Arthurs Photography

Bridal BoudoirRebecca Arthurs Photography

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