CEO Corner: Wedding Table Setting

French's Point
Published June 1st, 2012

Rehearsal DinnerThe dinner table setting is a great opportunity to display your personal style and set a fun mood for your reception. What you choose as a centerpiece, the color palette you create on the table, even the way you present the table number and each individual nametag can really enhance the atmosphere you created at the ceremony.

Certainly, nautical themes are common at French’s Point. A nautical setting might include a navy blue tablecloth under gold-rimmed white china, a centerpiece of bursting yellow roses, and a seashell decorating the center of each plate. For an eclectic but classy look, I like Martha Stewart’s “Swedish chic” idea. She suggests spray-painting small animal figurines a glossy crème color and arranging them around the table, with the calligraphy place settings tied to the neck, for example, of a small horse on the center of the plate.

Weddings are family affairs and often couples want to honor their family’s cultural heritage in some way. The table settings are a great way to do this. For example, one Polish bride attached each of her place settings to a palm-sized decorative tin imported from Poland filled with chocolate-dipped shortbread.

Whatever you do for your table settings, I encourage you to have fun. This is a great way to not only pull together your wedding themes and colors but to add a little inexpensive DIY flair to the aesthetic. A little creativity will encourage a playful atmosphere at the dinner and set the stage for a relaxed reception later.