Experience Maine: Driving Series: Monhegan Island

Published February 20th, 2013

You chose to have your destination wedding in Maine because you embrace all things naturalistic, you love the serene landscape and friendly people and have a flair for the artistic. We encourage our guests to take in as much of the state as they can during their time here. Monhegan Island captures the very heart of what makes this state your perfect romantic destination.

Monhegan Island is a summer haven for artists and writers from around the world. The community comes together on a small rocky island just ten miles off the coast. It’s the idyllic place to find inspiration and rest for those who appreciate its isolation, the beauty of its wilderness areas, its quiet relaxed atmosphere, and its unhurried pace. It is accessible only by boat and there are no cars or paved roads.

Art lovers visit the island to hop gallery to gallery, viewing the endless number of paintings and photographs from America’s best artists. The island has inspired everyone from George Bellows, C. K. Chatterton, Randall Davey, Robert Henri, Rockwell Kent, and three generations of the Wyeth family: N.C., Andrew, and Jamie.

It is also a perfect escape to a place to take in the views and fresh sea air. The islanders are dedicated to caring for 17 miles of trails that wind around the small, but picturesque island. You can see the majestic headland cliffs, rare plants and flowers and the unspoiled cathedral forest. Make sure you plan your hike past the Monhegan Island Lighthouse. The 38-foot granite tower is the second-highest lighthouse in Maine after Seguin Island Light.

This is the perfect place to escape for an afternoon, far from the buzz of technology. You’ll quickly discover why artists see a painting everywhere they turn.