Fall Harvest at the Beach Rose Historical Garden

French's Point
Published October 16th, 2012

The Beach Rose Historical Garden maintained by my parents, Bob and Bonnie Brooks, is really going gangbusters during its first year of production. Here’s a little from my mom Bonnie on the garden and its organic fall harvest:

“I am a Sidney, Maine, farm girl at heart and have always had a green thumb. I had long hoped for a vegetable garden here at the farm to return a portion of the property to its historic use as one of the original farms in Waldo County. My husband and I also wanted French’s Point’s chef and guests to benefit from the yield from the garden for our events, and to shorten the distance from farm to table.

The garden is located in a tree-protected valley on the west side of the Farm, with wonderful overall sun exposure. There are two sections to the garden, one being a perennial section with asparagus, strawberries, edible Stella D’Oro lilies, and rhubarb. The other is an annual section consisting of climbing peas including the edible pod variety, two rows of multi-colored beans, and 10 poles with red runner beans that were tremendously prolific and beautiful.

Between the pole beans were four different varieties of tomatoes including beefsteak, cherry, plum, and Big Boy varieties. A wonderful section of potatoes, carrots, beets, and onions was extremely successful, and the carrots and beets will continue to remain for some time in the garden.

The next row in the garden consisted of various greens such as spinach and lettuce as well as red, yellow, and green peppers. For some reason, this row was not as productive, but the next section of cucumbers, squash, and white pumpkins did so much better. I’m very pleased with the winter squash produce and the pumpkins were a delight to me, since I know they might be helpful in the wedding events to come.

I do think that some of the reason for the early success in our Beach Rose Historical Garden is the fact that the early colonists of the Revolutionary Era took the time to do a wonderful job at clearing so the soil was eager to produce.

Next year, I hope to add some additional root veggies such as garlic and sweet potatoes. We also plan to expand our herb beds and other edible flowers to add beauty not just to the garden but to our dishes or tabletops as well. We continue to enjoy the compliments we’ve received on the garden and the watchful eye of our two Maine scarecrows (a fisherman and a farmer) who guard the Beach Rose Garden at French’s Point. Perhaps they are the real reason this Maine garden did so well this fall.”