French’s Point Guiding Principles

French's Point
Published October 17th, 2016

The point of land upon which our coastal Maine wedding venue sits, French’s Point, was formed long ago when the glaciers that shaped the Eastern seaboard slipped into the sea. God made this beautiful place for mankind to enjoy. Of this, I am certain.

In 2002, our family forged a small business here at French’s Point and we became stewards of this beautiful place. At the same time we became caretakers of our clients’ dreams for their special celebrations that happen here at our coastal estate. We have never taken that responsibility for granted. Because we feel honored by each couple who chooses French’s Point for their wedding it was extremely important for our business to be footed on a solid foundation.


When we began this endeavor, we rooted it in family first and foremost. For our family and for those families who choose to come here to celebrate with us. For me, my family is my center, my core, my everything. I think that the couples who are considering us for their wedding events and come for a visit can sense that. Couples who want a “home” wedding in a beautiful seaside setting, where they can spend time with their loved ones, are drawn to French’s Point. They want to come here to this beautiful point to celebrate with their family and make lasting memories.


The difference between achieving your goals and struggling with failure is almost always dependent on the quality of communication involved. To us, good communication in all aspects of our business is our guiding principle. I tell couples touring our facility that we take a “full disclosure” approach to sharing information. I provide them with all the information they need to know to make an educated decision about whether French’s Point is the right venue for their event. In the words of my wise fireman-husband, “Planning a wedding is like taking a drink from a fire hose,” so sometimes sharing all of this information with our couples can be overwhelming for them. Planning a wedding is a learning process, and our knowledge and experience supports our clients through this process and helps make it more tolerable, easier to navigate, and, yes, enjoyable.

We have established effective systems of sharing information here in our office to ensure our clients feel taken care of and so staff stays informed about each event. If you call French’s Point, you will be greeted by our managers Erin or Sarah, or by me, Jessika, the owner and proprietor of French’s Point. We will be the ones responding to your questions and returning your emails in a timely manner. We will be here, to answer all your questions clearly, honestly and promptly because we value communication.


Our commitment is to our clients; to provide the best service possible. This principle really goes back to our first principle: Family. As you prepare to commit your life to another person, your family and your new French’s Point family are all on this adventure together. We are here to fulfill your vision of your celebration. We are here to offer you advice on the best way to use our estate so you can provide a wonderful celebration for your guests. We are here to support you through the process. From the moment you reach out to us, we are committed to you and to ensuring the best experience for your event. We will be there on your wedding day making sure it goes exactly as planned and we will be the ones hugging you goodbye the next day. Our team is tiny but mighty and we are committed to you!


Our goal and guiding principle are to treat each and every person we come into contact with each day with kindness and an open heart. One of the things I know to be most true is that we all have different experiences that have shaped us into the people we are today. These collective experiences can make the perception of the world around us very subjective. For this reason, we recognize the importance of getting to know our clients and really understanding them. We do this by listening. By listening carefully we learn what our clients feel, think and need. We are vested in the vision and dreams they have for their event. We strive to be compassionate and offer support, guidance and resources to reach our collective goals. Being kind is our goal in every interaction.