French’s Point Recommended Vendor: The Refinery Events & Marketing

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Published January 20th, 2015

KAngell Photography

One of the first things you’ll cross off of your wedding planning checklist is hiring a wedding planner. Here in Maine we have so many amazing planners, it can be hard to choose which one you’d work best with. One that we recommend all the time is Adrienne of The Refinery Events & Marketing, located down the street in Camden, Maine! Adrienne is one of the sweetest people we know, and her attention to detail in planning is unparalleled. We also love her for her creativity and ability to think outside the box! If you’re looking for a planner who is easy to get along with and who knows the ropes, especially around midcoast Maine, give Adrienne a call today!

KAngell Photography

The Refinery Events & Marketing

Kangell Photography