French’s Point – The Perfect Place for Your Intimate Micro Wedding

Brendan Bullock Photography
Published July 7th, 2020

There has been a recent movement toward smaller, more intimate weddings and we are fully on board! We recently hosted our very first wedding of 2020 (thank you COVID-19) with a guest list of just 42 people. As I was saying goodbye to the newlyweds at the end of their stay, they extolled the virtues of the tiny fete and how incredible it was, and how much their guests loved it too. It reminded me how beautiful these micro weddings are and why the outcome of choosing to host one in lieu of the typical wedding of 100-200 guests, is such an incredible gift to both the couple and the guests.

Quality Time
A smaller guest count, with the celebration stretched out over the full weekend gives our couples, their friends and family more opportunity for fun & to relax, have a meaningful conversation (or two), and really soak in the experience. From our observation over the last twenty years hosting celebrations, our couples with guest counts of larger events (100+ guests) tend to feel the pressure on the demands for their time. They are pressed to be good hosts and connect with their guests and also be present for the events. The more guests, the more time needed to attend to them. We see our couples who choose to craft smaller celebrations, really get to enjoy it and in turn, they will remember it more clearly, and so will your guests. We really want this for you because we know how important it is in the end.

For some of our very favorite weddings, our clients have chosen to spend their wedding budget over a smaller guest count, but really have done it beautifully & thoughtfully to make the guests feel valued and appreciated. Of course, you can spend less on a wedding with fewer guests, or you can spend the same budget on a smaller number of people and really do it up! Either way, a smaller guest count affords more control over the budget.

Though the estate has the capacity to host events of up to 200 guests in prime season (when our tent is in place), and 150 guests in the offseason, it beautifully hosts more intimate groups of 30, 50, or 80 people without leaving these tiny groups feeling lost in a vast, vacant space. This is due to the layout of the spaces and the fact that they are homes, not large commercial ballrooms. Additionally, with our three homes and 26 guest suites, we can lodge 26-62 guests right here on-site, turning the estate into your private compound for the weekend. With additional air BnB’s within walking distance of the estate that can accommodate an additional 60+ guests within walking distance, you can take over the Point for the weekend.

French’s Point offers many different picturesque locations to host your various weekend events large or small.  But we have some really sweet spaces that are more ideally suited to a smaller group of 30-50.  An intimate wedding could look like this:

  • Thursday- casual welcome BBQ on the Farm House Lawn with a friendly competition on the Recreation Lawn
  • Friday- Rehearsal dinner cocktails on the Farm House East Overlook Terrace with a lobster bake dinner served on the Farm House Beach
  • Saturday- Ceremony at the Retreat House Gazebo, Cocktail hour on the Retreat House Promenade Lawn and Dinner and Dancing under the stars on the Retreat House Cocktail Terrace

Of course, we have many beautiful rain locations if your alfresco events have to be hosted inside.

We know if you host an intimate/micro wedding, you will be so happy with the experience in the end.