Good Service vs. Bad Service vs. French’s Point Service

Published January 16th, 2014

Ryan Graham Photography

By Scott Broadley- Service Manager at French’s Point

There is bad service, there is good service, and then there is “French’s Point” service.
Service is a part of every aspect of your experience with us from planning and preparation, to the time you spend with us in person with your guests. We all know the qualities of bad service and how it leaves an everlasting impression that remains and taints our memory of that time: Waiting 30 minutes to get a drink, servers sighing at a special request, and being served by someone who really only cares about the tip they’re going to receive. That’s b-b-b-bad service, but what truly propels service from good to excellent service? The three characteristics of good service are being attentivefriendly and working well as a team.

Some servers might think hovering is the best way to be attentive (and to get the best
tips) but who really wants someone breathing down their neck? Excellent servers get to know guests’ tendencies and preferences. Timing is everything. Excellent service is anticipating when a guest is going to need another drink without having to wait and watch. It is keeping little ones’ sippy cups full and kiddy snacks supplied. Anyone can paste on a genuine smile. Good service acts cheerful, excellent service is cheerful.

At French’s Point, our excellent service comes from servers, management and owners who care about what they are doing, who truly love to serve, and who know that these interactions with people will impact the lasting memories carried by you and your guests. Excellent service at French’s Point begins from the first call months or years before the big day and continues through until you wave goodbye at the end of your time with us. Guest satisfaction is the highest priority for our team. At the end of the weekend when people are smiling and recounting all the magic from their time with us, we here at French’s Point know that we have provided excellent service.