How Much Should We Tip Our Wedding Vendors?

Thank You Cards
Published May 22nd, 2017

You, and the wedding vendor team that you select, will spend countless hours going over the details of your wedding celebration to be sure everything runs smoothly. Each and every wedding vendor focus their time and energy on your special day, so while an extra “Thank you!” is optional, it’s always appreciated. Either in the form of a gratuity or a gift, the way you thank you vendors can vary. Many of your Maine wedding vendors are likely small business owners, just like us, so you cannot underestimate the value of a well-deserved and heartfelt “Thanks!”

Tipping can be the kind of thing you don’t want to ask your vendor about directly, but it’s important to be aware of tipping etiquette so everyone feels included. And more importantly, tipping has the potential to affect your budget, so don’t overlook it.

How Much To Tip Your Vendors

Below you’ll see how our French’s Point couples typically show gratitude for their wedding vendors.


  • Coat check, bathroom service, valet parking: $1 – $2 per guest/car


  • Manager/Owner: $200 and/or a personal gift
  • Chef: $100
  • Servers: $25 each


  • 15% – 20% of the total liquor bill to be split between servers (check the contract as gratuity might already be included)

Hairstylists and Makeup Artists

  • 15% – 20% of total cost and delivered at time of service

Ceremony Musicians

  • 15% – 20% of total cost

Reception Musicians/Wedding Band

  • $25 – $50 per musician


  • $50 – $100 or a donation to the religious institution


  • Bus driver, limo driver, trolley driver: 15% of total cost and given to driver

Wedding Planner

  • $500, or 15% of their fee and/or a personal gift

Photographer or Videographer

  • $100 – $200 or amount equal to one hour of their time (don’t forget the second photographer)

Before you sit down to get things in order, check your vendor contracts to see if a gratuity has already been included. If tips aren’t included, put vendor gratuity checks or cash in individual envelops and give to your planner, who will distribute the envelopes as the wedding is coming to a close. You can also designate a trusted friend or close family member to be in charge of giving out the envelopes at the end of the evening. If it’s ok with your vendor, you can ask them to write the tip into their contract so you don’t have to worry about it on your wedding day.

Remember that tipping is optional, but it is a great way to show appreciation after a job well done! Still have questions, give us a call (207) 567-3650 or shoot us an email.