Healthy Skin for Your Summer Maine Wedding

Glowing Bride
Published May 16th, 2013

Maine’s long and cold winters leave many soon-to-be-brides a little on the pasty side leading into wedding season. Glowing skin is the perfect accessory no matter what kind of dress you are wearing. Many brides make the mistake of putting off their preparations until the week of their wedding. This can result in embarrassing fake tan incidents, allergic reactions to facials or unexpected tan lines from sitting in a tanning booth or on the beach for too long.

Here are our tips for planning ahead starting now for your summer Maine wedding. We want you to be your most gorgeous self on your big day and a little preparation goes a long way in giving you peace of mind about your looks.

Start Planning 3 Months Ahead

Schedule your appointments with an aesthetician 3 months in advance. Schedule more than one appointment so you are preparing your skin and cleaning it up and still giving your body time to heal and adjust to any changes. By the week before your wedding, you should only need a quick visit to do a few touch-ups and deal with any last-minute issues that come up. Stress has a huge impact on your skin and working with an aesthetician will help keep any stress-related acne or irritations at bay.

Nourish Your Skin With a Healthy Diet

Your skin is affected more by what you put IN your body than what you put on it. Consider your best facial as the food you eat. If you are eating heavy and greasy food (which many people do when they feel stressed) your skin will react to those foods. Feed your body from the inside with fruits, vegetables and lean protein. Try to avoid highly processed foods. Refined sugars and processed dairy are two of the most aggravating foods for your skin. The other benefits of eating well will last far beyond your wedding day.

Add supplements to Your Daily Routine

There are many supplements that will boost your system and cleanse your skin. Fish oil in particular is a cheap and easy addition to your daily multi-vitamin that will help not only your skin but your heart, and overall body function. Check your daily vitamin to make sure it has the optimal levels of the following vitamins which will help your skin heal and glow.

  • Vitamin A reduces wrinkles
  • Vitamin B3 reduces redness
  • Vitamin C clears dark spots and scars
  • Vitamin E adds moisture
  • Vitamin K reduces dark circles

For other healthy skin advice or to discuss other health issues, consider mentioning your goals to your doctor. They will be able to give you specialized and personalized advice.