Hersey Retreat Road Cottage Series: Davis Cottage

Rental Cottages at Hersey Retreat
Published August 28th, 2017

One of the wonderful things about French’s Point Estate is that in addition to more traditional hotels, motels and bed and breakfasts, there is an extensive network of nearby houses and cottages available for rent. These local accommodations offer your guests the ability to turn their time in Maine into a vacation experience, affording more privacy and closer proximity to your events at French’s Point. The cottages and rental homes offer more amenities than traditional hotels such as kitchens, more living space, and private beaches.

There is no better way to create a magical destination wedding experience for your guests!

There is no better way to create a magical destination wedding experience for your guests than to recommend they reserve the cottages and homes that are within walking distance to French’s Point! With a variety of housing styles, capacities and costs, the Hersey Retreat Road Rentals provide a range of options that will suit all of the needs of your family and closest friends!

French’s Point does not own, operate, or confirm reservations for these properties. Many of our guests enjoy staying at them, so we’re providing this information as a way to simplify your wedding planning. With this series, we are highlighting some of the closest and most commonly rented cottages located right on Hersey Retreat Road and within walking distance to French’s Point!

Davis Cottage

Address:  Hersey Retreat Road
Distance from French’s Point: ¼ mile
Number of Bedrooms: 3
Number of Bathrooms: 1
Number of Parking Spots: 4-6
How many guests it sleeps:6-10
Property Style: Camp
Minimum Rental Duration: 3 nights

Contact Info:
Gail Gannon
(321) 576-5886

Davis Cottage is located on the ridge overlooking the beach and road leading into French’s Point Estate. It is only seven doors down from the estate, accommodates up to 14 guests, has reasonable rental rates and flexible rental duration terms, making it an easy choice for your guests for lodging when they are attending your wedding at French’s Point. The cottage has a cozy interior with six bedrooms, a kitchen-living/dining area, beautiful views of the ocean and a private beach.