How Can I Help: Honeymoon Planning

Published June 27th, 2017

Almost every wedding that takes place at French’s Point is a family affair for our clients. Often times parents and other family and friends participate in the wedding planning at various points in the process. Many hands make light work, right? With such a momentous occasion to look forward to, it is very common for the family to offer their assistance as wedding plans are being made. We find that many mothers of the bride and mothers of the groom, in particular, really want to help. However, they don’t know exactly what they can do to help the happy couple with their plans, without overstepping the bounds of “helpful.”

In this How Can I Help? blog series, we will offer some ideas about how you can help your son or daughter and their partner with the planning. In a prior post in this series, we offered ways you can assist with the Venue Search, thoughts on how you can assist with a Rehearsal Dinner or Welcome Reception and ideas to help them plan their Farewell Brunch. This time, we invited Wendy Dessler to discuss how you can provide support regarding the honeymoon planning.

What can you do to help plan the honeymoon?

If your son or daughter is preparing for their wedding, you probably feel pulled in many directions at once. You want to help, but unless you are a professional wedding planner, you probably do not know where to begin. The honeymoon is a great starting point. This is something that should be planned early (in order to get the prices and packages that are most desired). Parents often do not realize how much they can help in this area. But once it is done, the bride and groom are elated.

Where to Start?

Ask the couple for a list of places they are considering for the honeymoon. Be sure to inquire about the budget, dates, and any special activities they really want to do. Now you can begin by researching the different honeymoon packages that are available in their selected locations. You can gather information on the weather, activities, hotel, car rental, food, and all-inclusive travel packages.

Honeymoon Account

Set-up a wedding Plumfund account. This is an account that allows friends and family to use their computer to gift money to the wedding couple or by paying for special things like airfare or special dinners. This is the trend for modern weddings. People use their online accounts because they are easier and more convenient and free for the wedding couple.

…gift money to the wedding couple or by paying for special things like airfare or special dinners.

Honeymoon Registry

Once the honeymoon destination has been chosen, you can set up the honeymoon registry. Honeyfund is the most popular online registry. This site is also free and easy to use. Much like old fashion registries, you register the couple’s actual wants and needs. If there are items that come from an actual store, you can list them. You can also list the itinerary of the honeymoon. You can list what the couple really wants to do and see and their second choice. The site can be used to pay for their suite, car rental, and special events. Guests chip in to allow the couple to live their dreams.

Guests chip in to allow the couple to live their dreams.

At the end of the day, it will be the wedding couple which decides where to go and what to do. But you can help in so many ways. The job will be a lot less stressful for everyone involved.

Every job you take on gives the couple more time and relieves them of stress and fatigue. So when you say, “Tell me if you need anything,” offer some suggestions and the couple will be so grateful for the nudge in the right direction.

This is a way you can show the people in your life that you love and support them and want to send them into their new life stress-free.