How To Change Your Last Name 

How To Change Your Last Name After The Wedding_French's Point
Published September 19th, 2023

Did you recently get married and are now feeling daunted by the task of changing your last name in all the required places?

Follow this short checklist of places to change your last name, and you won’t miss a step: 

  1. File Your Marriage Certificate
    1. Retrieve Certified Copies of your certificate  
  1. Drivers License & IDs
  2. Social Security Card
  3. Passport
  4. Global Entry & TSA Pre Check
  5. Bank Accounts
  6. Credit Cards
  7. Insurance Policies
  8. Voter Registration
  9. Update Your Work Human Resources Department
  10. Email
  11. US Postal Service Mail
  12. Autopay Accounts
  13. Social Media Accounts
  14. Memberships

*If you are relocating or moving into a new home, don’t forget to update your residence/mailing address at the same time to avoid duplicating the effort later. 


*You may have other personalized printed material, such as business cards, but that’s all the more reason to start fresh with a new design for your home return address envelope stamps, checks, stationary, etc! 

And that’s it! 

How do I choose a last name? 

Whether you choose to keep your last name, hyphenate, or choose to go with your spouse’s last name, is entirely up to you. And, did you know that name hyphenations and last name changes follow the same process? No matter the last name you choose to go with after you are married, make sure it’s one that you and your spouse have discussed and agreed upon, prior to getting married.


Once you have completed the process of changing your last name, we recommend celebrating! This is not only a fun incentive for finishing this task list, but celebrating with your ideal date night is a great way to commemorate this milestone as newlyweds, while giving you a deadline to complete it. Cheers to the new you! 


Featured Image by Greta Tucker