How To Stay Cool On a Hot Wedding Day

French's Point
Published June 21st, 2012

Maine Wedding Ceremony - Coastal Maine Destination Wedding Venue - French's Point - Mr Haack PhotographyFirst of all, it helps to be coastal on really hot days since the sea breeze makes the air several degrees cooler than it is just a few miles inland. If you have a wedding venue along the water, like ours at French’s Point, you’ll benefit from this natural air conditioner.

Ask your venue or tent vendor to set up a shaded area outside for guests to get out of the sun but still enjoy the fresh air.

Consider the treats you’re offering. Popsicles can be a great option to cool off or one of our signature cocktails like the blueberry-infused Maine Mojito. For a fun, childlike flair, you could hire an ice cream truck to work the reception lawn. Music optional.

For the bride, make sure you drink plenty of water to stay cool and consider bringing along a parasol and paper fan. You could also hand out small, decorative fans to guests, although this would likely be a last-minute purchase since in Maine it’s more likely you’ll have a breezy, comfortable day than a sweltering one, even in the summer.

For the groomsmen, try breathable cotton-blend tuxedos. Avoid wool like the plague. And forget the vests, they just create another layer that can really trap heat. Groomsmen can also use their jackets to their advantage – filling a flask with ice and sticking it inside one of the pockets can be a great way to stay cool. To make sure the condensation doesn’t stain through, put the flask inside a zip-lock plastic bag.