Important Caterer and Vendor Factors

wedding table
Published July 23rd, 2018

At French’s Point, we’re dedicated to helping you and your spouse have the most amazing wedding venue experience possible. Our wedding venues are designed to offer the perfect Maine beach wedding, with waterfront locations and beautiful views.

We’re also happy to work with you on areas like caterers and other vendors – we even have a full directory of preferred vendors for you to browse. Let’s go over some of the important factors to think about as you consider various caterers and other vendors.

Various Cost Options

You will have a few different cost options available, including all-inclusive catering services or less involved options. You might prefer a menu to choose items from, or you might want to go with a more buffet-style kind of thing. These and a number of other important factors will go into determining your costs, so you should have a basic budget for this area set as you start your search.

What Level of Effort Do You Want to Put In?

Somewhat related to the area above is simply how much time and effort you want to put into catering. An all-inclusive service will cost more, but will also leave you completely free of any concerns in that area – no more research to do or calls to make. Less involved services may cost less, but will also require you to do more planning. This is a balance only you can strike perfectly based on your situation and budget.

Do You Want to Personalize?

Many catering options come with pre-set menus or food options, but some others will allow you to personalize more significantly. Of course, as we noted above, this might be more expensive.

Multiple Vendors

If you bring in your own outside caterer, particularly if it’s one not on our preferred list of vendors, remember that you might have to deal with multiple vendors. Not all caterers handle things like tables, linens, barware and other elements – if that’s the case with the one you choose, you’ll also have to coordinate these things separately.

For more on important factors to consider when hiring caterers or other vendors, or to learn more about any of our beautiful Maine wedding locations, speak to the pros at French’s Point today.