Including Pets in Your Weekend Wedding

Bride and Dogs
Published August 14th, 2023

If you have a VIP (Very Important Pet) in your life, and can’t imagine the weekend without this beloved family member present, there are a few elements to consider before you make the decision to include them.

Things to Think About When Including Your Pets


Consider how you want your pet to participate in your weekend. Do you want them to have a central role in events, or simply be present for the weekend?


Is your pet’s temperament & training conducive to supporting your wishes? Each dog’s personality & energy level is different, and these things change over the course of their lives. Much of this is dependent on training, breed & exposure/socialization.


When deciding whether to include a pet, you & your partner should consider the risks against the benefits. You should also consider what is best for your pet, above what is best for yourself. Even the most well-behaved, well-socialized & well-trained animal may respond unexpectedly to the experience of the weekend. They are likely to encounter things that are overwhelming or unfamiliar to them, and this may lead to an unfortunate response, which can be avoided. It can be stressful for a dog to be in an unfamiliar place, with strange people, strange noise, and so many smells. Dogs can bark, bite, eat things they shouldn’t, and require time & attention from you.


Once you’ve figured out what role you want your pet to play, & if their disposition & training will allow it, you will need to find someone to be in charge of your pet, when you are busy with festivities & hosting. Ideally, this handler should be someone the dog is familiar with & someone that is experienced and comfortable with dogs. Keep in mind that a guest who acts as your pet wrangler won’t be able to fully relax and enjoy your wedding, so consider hiring a pet sitter. Your handler will be responsible for making sure the dog has a supply of water, food & a regular opportunity to relieve itself & get exercise/fresh air. The handler is also responsible for disposing of pet waste.


We suggest limiting pet attendance to only those very central to the hosts of the event. Opening up the option of hosting your family & friends’ pets, whom you are less familiar with, for your wedding weekend is simply not worth the risk, cost & concern.

With proper consideration & planning, a well-behaved pet can make a memorable & adorable addition to the ceremony, but you must decide what makes sense for your celebration, & your pet.

Check out some of our past canine guests below.

Featured photo by Cuppa Photography.