Is There a Best Season to Get Married?

best season to get married
Published October 30th, 2023

What is the best season to get married in New England? Traditionally, May through October have been the most popular wedding months in this region. These days, however, unconventional wedding dates are gaining popularity. The truth is, no season is better than the rest, for the perfect wedding experience. Every season has its own unique charms. It’s very much dependent on what you prefer as a couple – what your vision is for your wedding experience. The main priority in defining what season suits you best is to find the right venue. Once you have achieved this, you can plan your wedding to take advantage of everything that the season has to offer. 

Here at French’s Point estate, on the coast of Maine, we enjoy the variety we see in the celebrations that we host, year-round. Maine seasons offer so much beautiful variety, all in one location! Here’s a peek at what you can expect:

Summer Weddings

Summers on the Maine coast are perfect for outdoor ceremonies and events. The days are sunny, but not too hot, due to the omnipresent coastal breeze. Our gardens are blooming, aromatic, and vibrant, setting a beautiful backdrop for your celebrations. The nights are mild, and romantic, with brilliant sunsets and star-filled skies. When you reserve our estate for the weekend, your guests can enjoy all the outdoor adventures available in our area, including hiking, biking, boating, and exploring quaint towns. Summer is blueberry season and fresh local seafood is readily available, so feature these delicious local ingredients at your rehearsal dinner in the form of a traditional wood-fired lobster bake, followed by Maine’s famous blueberry pies. View our sample summer itinerary here!

Autumn Weddings

Maine’s vibrant fall foliage provides a beautiful backdrop for a wedding. The air is crisp and invigorating, perfect for a wedding ceremony outdoors, followed by an indoor reception, inside our beautiful Retreat House, or inside our sailcloth tent. The evenings are crisp and great for cuddling up around the fire pit. It’s a great season for your guests to enjoy all the outdoor recreation and beautiful sites Maine has to offer. View our sample autumn itinerary here!

Winter Weddings

If you want a wedding that will be unique and truly special, choose to host a winter wedding in Maine. The beauty of the snow blanketing the ground creates the most romantic atmosphere. Inside, get cozy by the fire, while you sip hot toddies or cider. Outside, your guests can enjoy novel winter activities like sledding, skiing, and making snowmen, or they can take a horse-drawn sleigh ride around our grounds. That’s something they will never forget! We love the unique magic of winter at the estate so much that our owner chose to get married in February! View our sample winter itinerary here.

Spring Weddings

Spring is the time for new beginnings. Our gardens are full of beach roses and lilacs, and they bloom in tandem in May and June, perfuming the air and providing a stunning setting for your festivities. In Maine, the summer tourists haven’t yet arrived, so attractions, restaurants, and lodging are less crowded. It’s the season for fishing, maple syrup, and craft beers. At our estate, your guests will enjoy games out on the lawn and cozy dinners inside. The days are perfect for enjoying nature on a ride of one of our bicycles from our fleet, in a boat, or on a trail. View our sample spring itinerary here!

Tour the French’s Point Estate

We invite you to take a virtual tour of the French’s Point estate. Picture yourself here in different seasons. View our online galleries, which can be filtered by season, so you can see how the estate changes, from month to month. Which calls out to you as the best season to get married? 

We would love to chat with you and help you pick the perfect time for your celebration. Whatever you choose, know that you will have the kind of wedding that you’ve always dreamt of – and your guests will have memories that will last for a lifetime.