How to Plan a Great Wedding in Under 6 Months

Wedding Planning
Published November 5th, 2020

When you’re in love and newly engaged, it can be hard to wait to get married. The average engagement length is about 13 months, and when you’re ready to begin your married life together, that can just be too long to wait. For this reason, it is becoming more common for couples to opt for a shorter planning timeline. While a brief wedding planning period can seem daunting, we’re here to assure you that not only is it possible to put together your dream wedding in less than 6 months, but the process can be enjoyable and result in a more focused, enjoyable experience.

There are many simple hacks to make your last-minute wedding planning seamless and, even less stressful than the average wedding planning process! We’ve put together our best tips to help you enjoy an easy, but short planning process.

1. Define & stick to your budget
Sit down with your fiance and define what sources of money and resources are available to you for your wedding & what you both feel comfortable investing in your celebration. The best investment in your money will be to hire an experienced wedding planner. They will be your best ally in managing a budget alongside time constraints. They will not only handle the time-consuming burden of working through the “big day” details and solutions, but they will also find creative efficiencies and help you make the most effective decisions to reach your goals. Their knowledge of local resources will make fast work of selecting your vendor team.

2. Set Priorities (and stand by them!)
One of the keys to successful last-minute wedding planning is having a solid understanding of what your key priorities are and being decisive. Your primary focus will need to be on your priorities and logistics, so try and avoid going down the Pinterest rabbit hole of Pinterest after you’ve decided what you want. Hire great vendors that understand your priorities, that you can entrust with the minutia and details. Starting at the top of your list of prioritized vendors, pick 2-3 vendors per category to consider, gather proposals, review them, engage them, and move on to the next needed vendor down the list. Limiting your options will help you make these challenging decisions and stick with them to ensure you stay on track, on schedule!

3. Choose your venue & vendors based on availability
A large part of the reason engagements tend to be on the longer side is because venues often book up a year or more, in advance. Unless you are having a wedding at a venue that doesn’t require reservations (such as a family home), this should be a top priority. Keep expectations reasonable and try to be as flexible as you can on date, day of the week, and season. If your top choices suit your priorities, your budget & are available, book them!

4. Lean heavily on email communications
If you’re working on a tight turnaround time, make sure you’re available to respond to emails right away. Vendors, venues and caterers will need answers to questions or decisions made in a timely manner to help them move forward. Be sure to refresh your inbox regularly, organize emails based on category, and try to respond within 24 hours of receiving a message. Being available will help keep you (and your vendors!) on schedule.

Another way you can utilize email to save time is by sending your guests save-the-date emails rather than on printed and mailed stationary. This will not only help your guests to plan more quickly, but it will also give you RSVPs to help you track who can make it.

5. Buy your attire off-the-rack
Custom wedding dresses and suits are beautiful, but they are time-consuming – on average, made-to-order looks can take between 6-9 months to create, not including any last-minute alterations. Instead, look in local shops or online! Try to order multiple sizes of pieces you love so you don’t have to get too many adjustments made, which can take up valuable time.

For bridesmaids or groomsmen, the easiest way to save time while ensuring a cohesive look is by assigning one color or a color palette, for your group to choose from as they pick out their own dresses or suits. By allowing each person to choose their own style in your colors, they will still look perfect for pictures without the added wait time of custom identical looks.

6. Don’t hesitate to ask for help
With the help of your wedding planner, you will be well-supported for success. But don’t hesitate to ask your family & friends for help when you need it. Delegating tasks to your family and friends can be hard at first, but it takes so much pressure off your shoulders that it’s well worth any initial awkward feelings – plus, you’ll be pleasantly surprised that most are thrilled to help! An easy way to track tasks you have assigned out is by keeping a detailed spreadsheet so that your friends and family can update it regularly.

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