Luxury Wedding Themes for a Memorable Weekend in Coastal Maine

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Published December 1st, 2023

When planning a luxury weekend wedding in coastal Maine, choosing the right theme and overall design can add a touch of magic and personalization to your special day. With stunning ocean views, striking landscapes, charming coastal towns, and abundant recreational activities for visitors to explore, Maine provides the perfect setting for a truly unique and unforgettable wedding experience. In this blog post, we will explore some enchanting wedding theme inspirations that will elevate your luxury wedding in coastal Maine to new heights.

Nautical Elegance

Embrace the coastal charm of Maine with a classic, nautical-themed wedding, as a nod to Maine’s rich maritime heritage. Incorporate shades of navy blue, white, and gold into your decor, along with subtle nods to the sea such as sailor’s knots, anchor motifs, and driftwood accents. Consider hosting your ceremony by the water’s edge, and delight your guests with a seafood-inspired menu, featuring fresh Maine lobster and other local delicacies.

Rustic Coastal Chic

For couples seeking a blend of charm and elegance, a rustic coastal chic theme is the perfect choice. Opt for a casual beachside setting, or barn venue, adorned with natural elements like weathered wood farm tables, lanterns aglow with warm candlelight, vintage-inspired details, rich linens and textiles, and a variety of grasses, for a contrast of textures. Serve local, farm-to-table cuisine, highlighting the flavors of Maine’s bountiful land and sea.

Seaside Romance

Capture the essence of romance with a seaside-themed wedding. Soft shades of lavender, blue and gray flowing fabrics, and delicate pearl accents. Exchange your vows at a gazebo perched atop a bluff with broad sweeping views of the sky and bay. Enjoy cocktail hour on a cobblestone terrace lined with gas lights and panoramic views of sunsets reflecting along the shore. Stroll down a long, candlelit pathway to celebrate your reception under an elegantly draped sailcloth tent. 

Coastal Garden Fairy Tale

Immerse yourself in a dreamy coastal garden fairytale wedding. Create a lush and enchanting atmosphere with blooming flowers, cascading greenery, and whimsical decor. Choose a ceremony venue with beautifully manicured gardens and opt for a tented reception set amidst nature’s tranquil beauty. Incorporate elements like fairy lights, birdcage centerpieces, and delicate floral crowns for a touch of ethereal charm.

Vintage Coastal Glamour

Transport your guests to a bygone era of glamour with a vintage coastal theme. Embrace classic elegance through vintage-inspired attire, ornate details, and opulent decor. Set the stage with antique furniture, sparkling chandeliers, and vintage china. Consider a historic mansion with rich interiors, at an elegant estate as your venue, and treat your guests to a gourmet menu, featuring elevated interpretation on timeless Maine cuisine.

Book Your Wedding Venue Tour at French’s Point 

French’s Point is an ideal venue for couples looking to create a truly unforgettable weekend wedding experience. Our stunning location offers a range of event spaces including sailcloth tent structure, elegant, historic mansion, cobblestone cocktail terraces, bluff-top gazebo, oceanfront lawn, private beach, all with breathtaking coastal views. This provides a beautiful variety of settings for all of your weekend events: 

  • Friday’s rehearsal dinner and welcome reception
  • Saturday’s ceremony, cocktail hour, reception
  • Sunday’s farewell brunch. 

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