Made in Maine Series: Rogue Wallet Co.

French's Point
Published June 18th, 2012

PROPEL, the Greater Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce’s group for young professionals recently held its annual Entreverge awards ceremony recognizing cool new entrepreneurial ventures. One of the winners was a funky wallet company called Rogue Wallet with a distinctive design, a great Maine flair, and a price point perfect for a small gift.

Rogue wallets have a patented curved shape that conforms to the front pocket – yes, you can patent that kind of thing – and are made from leather, sailcloth, tweed, fish skins, and other durable materials that embody the rustic sea coast. Rogue was founded in 2005 by Mainer Michael Lyons. Lyons wanted to create a wallet thinner than the norm that fits perfectly into the pocket and is practically impossible to steal. What started as a side project quickly ballooned into a full-time job with a design studio in Portland and corporate headquarters in Standish.

The wallets range in price from $25 to upwards of $200 depending on the material. While not all of them are made here in Maine, the company does feature a line of local options manufactured in Lewiston that includes wallets made of alligator, shark, and salmon skins. Rogue also has a line for women that includes a striking mustard yellow Chilean Salmon wallet that I might soon have to have lurking around my own purse.

For photos and more details about the wallets, check out the online catalog or stop by any one of its Portland vendors: Portland Dry Goods, David Wood Clothiers, The Leather Exchange, and Joseph’s.