Maine Wedding Money Series I: How to Stretch Your Money in Maine

French's Point
Published April 26th, 2012

Looking to squeeze as much as you can out of your budget? Plenty of couples want to get married in Maine because of the gorgeous scenery. But it’s important to note that Vacationland can also be a great deal.

First of all, vendors and venues here tend to be more affordable. In fact, in my experience, a wedding in Maine compared with a similar bash in New York City, Cape Cod, or Nantucket can cost 25-50% less.

On top of the savings from a lower cost of living here, Maine is easy to get to from points along the East Coast and beyond, with direct flights to the Portland International Jetport from a handful of major cities. It’s also a relatively short drive from Boston (two hours) and New York City (six hours). So you get an exotic escape from everyday life without the steep travel expenses of more far-flung destinations. That’s a savings the bride and groom and all of their guests can enjoy.

Here at French’s Point, we have long-time vendors who are able to perform multiple tasks at a wedding, which can also save money. Like the associate that we absolutely adore named Captain Barnes. Captain Barnes is an officiate and a talented bagpiper. So couples hire Captain Barnes to play their ceremony music and then conduct the ceremony.

Speaking of music, another way to stretch your money here in Maine is to use the same musician for different parts of the event. It is nice to have a transition from one kind of music to the other as the event evolves, but that doesn’t mean you have to hire more than one band. If you have a five or eight-piece band providing the music their guitarist could play the cocktail hour, their pianist might accompany dinner, and the whole ensemble could play the dance reception.

Finally, another great way some of clients maximize their dollar is to offer individual desserts at the reception rather than one grand cake. One of our favorite mini alternatives is the whoopie pie, palm-sized chocolate cakes sandwiched around cream. Whoopie pies can be personalized, they’re often affordable and, best of all, they’re a nod to local culture. Last year, our state legislature officially crowned the whoopie pie Maine’s official state treat even though, technically, it was invented in Pennsylvania. Mainers aren’t known for being sticklers when it comes to good dessert.

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