Maine Wedding Transportation: Vendor Feature – Country Coach Charters

French's Point
Published November 8th, 2011

If you happen to see a black 1936 Buick Special 8 cruising around the midcoast, chances are it belongs to Country Coach Charters. Based in Nobleboro, they offer the finest transportation services from a fleet that also includes two white limousines and several other vehicles.

Whether chauffeuring the bride and groom or ferrying guests to and from the airport, Country Coach Charters ensures you arrive in style. Owner Darcy Knof tells us more.

Please tell us about your company’s services and fleet.
CCC: Country Coach Charters takes pride in everything we do, whether it is a wedding, anniversary or just an airport pick up and drop off. We will take care of you from start to finish. We offer limousines, coaches, antique cars, vans, town cars and Suburbans.

What is your service area?
CCC: We service all of Maine and New England. With our smaller vehicles, we can go anywhere in the United States and Canada.

What do your wedding services entail?
CCC: Our weddings include full red carpet treatment. The chauffeur is dressed in a black and white suit and will help you with the limo doors, then with the church or reception hall doors. At that time, the red carpet is rolled out for the bride’s entrance. We help with the bride’s train so that if there is no wedding planner to fluff the train, we are there to do what is needed.

Later, the chauffeur will offer glasses of cold water as photos are taken. In the limo or coach, we offer champagne to the bride and groom, and the wedding party if they are present. We put the champagne on ice just outside the bridal door while the wedding is in session. The inside of the limo is decorated in the same color scheme as the wedding, very tasteful.

While the wedding is going on, we reposition the vehicle so we are always ready ahead of the event.

And after the wedding?
CCC: We also offer to return at night with a limo to take the bride and groom away to start their honeymoon. This is one of the bride’s favorite times, and what we call our honeymoon getaway package. We will also return the next day if you are staying right on-site at French’s Point, to take you where you need to go to start your honeymoon getaway.

Why is transportation important to prioritize?
CCC: A lot of my brides’ moms who are in charge of dealing with Country Coach Charters send me a thank you note and just state that we made the wedding so special, and they really didn’t have to worry about a thing. One mom stated that she didn’t even realize that there were buses involved; she never saw them or had to worry about all our different hotel pick-ups and drop-offs. The best thing of all was that nobody was drinking and driving when leaving. Transportation is just a small part of a wedding day, but one of the most important parts.

Let us help you organize all your transportation needs to help relieve some of the stress that’s just not needed.

Please tell us about a memorable wedding you’ve chauffeured at French’s Point.
CCC: All the weddings at French’s Point have been very memorable. The fireworks at night are like nothing you have ever seen before. Or just seeing guests or the wedding party enjoying the outside fire pit. French’s Point is such a romantic place to be, whether you are the bride and groom or just a lucky couple that got invited to enjoy their wonderful event.

One time at French’s Point, an antique 18-wheeler backed in with a great big sign all lit up at night with the bride and groom’s name on it. That was their getaway ride to their honeymoon.