Maine Winter Weddings Are Heating Up

Retreat House in Winter
Published September 6th, 2012

Maine winter weddings must be heating up because we are getting lots of inquiries this year. A few years ago, it was rare for a couple to consider January or February in Maine for their wedding. But lately, more and more people seem to be warming up to the uniqueness of a cold-day wedding. Here is an example of a typical Maine winter wedding itinerary.

During the winter, French’s Point is usually blanketed in white snow and crystalline frost. The winter weddings we’ve hosted have embraced this aesthetic with cool colors like white, gold, silver, and maroon. We’ve also hosted couples who really took the winter fantasy and run with it, like my own wedding where we dressed our wedding party in Victorian overcoats with antique lanterns and departed in a horse-drawn sled. Everyone had such fun at that wedding and I think the unusual season had a lot to do with it. The white-capped ocean under the crisp white sky tends to have a soothing effect on people, and the snow brings out the kid inside.

Another perk of a winter wedding is that it’s typically easier and more affordable to book a venue during this time of year since it’s the real heart of the “off-season.” So for those of you who like a chilly day and a snowy landscape, a winter wedding can be a great way to add distinctive elegance to your ceremony with a flourish of fun for the kid in all of us.

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