Maine Wedding Venue Map

French's Point
Published September 13th, 2012

French's Point MapFor those of you wondering what the French’s Point property looks like, check out this new map we’ve developed of the grounds. You can see the ocean borders the property on three sides, which makes for stunning panoramic views of the bay. We have a spot along the water on the east side for tables and kayaks, two tree swings overlooking the grounds, and a new patio on the north side for cocktail hour and other gatherings.

Hersey Retreat Road ends at French’s Point, which means the traffic here is limited to those entering or leaving the property. The property is consequently very serene and secluded.

You can see from this map that Beach Rose Farm and the Estate both have nice, expansive lawns and just enough distance between the two buildings for some distinction in case guests want to mellow out at one location and go wild at another. The main gazebo, on the Estate property, is our most popular site for the wedding ceremony as it sits right along the south shore along Penobscot Bay. The white pathway from the Estate often functions as the central aisle during the bridal procession.

Finally, to the northwest, notice how close Sandy Point State Beach is to the property. Sandy Point is a 100-acre nature preserve with opportunities for swimming, picnicking, and sunbathing. It’s a great retreat for anyone looking for a brief escape.

This aerial view details how French’s Point is charming and private but also versatile enough to offer plenty to do for guests of all ages. We believe we’re blessed at French’s Point to have such beautiful grounds and historic buildings to bring wedding dreams to life.

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