Meet the Family: Bob Brooks

french's point family feature
Published January 14th, 2014

Meet the Family…
French’s Point is a beautiful property. But even more beautiful is the family behind the facilities. In this blog series, we will introduce you the members of the Brooks/Brewer Family that made it a mission to share this property with special clients seeking a private and beautiful location for their events and also create a legacy business for future generations at French’s Point, all because love has tied this family to this land for almost 100 years.

Meet Grandfather Robert Brooks
Today is an appropriate day to be talking about my father and business partner, Bob Brooks. My grandfather and my father’s father, Bill Brooks passed away on this day in 1976 at age 62. It is because of Grandfather that my father spent his childhood summers growing up here on the beautiful shores of Sandy Point and French’s Point. My grandparents began a legacy of sharing this magical place with their family so many years ago. The time spent together wove a fabric of family for my father’s generation and mine, which is so strongly tied to this place, it is truly part of who we are.

My parents purchased my grandparents’ cottage from them to make it their own for their growing family. This cottage is a mere 1,000 feet from our properties at FP. My childhood summers were full of family construction and renovation projects, all of which are part of how our character was developed. We spent all of our summers and weekends at this cottage, which in 2000, became my parent’s full-time home.

In 2002, I got a call from my father while living in Florida saying that he had a “project” for me. I moved home, and together as a family, we began the painstaking work of restoring the Point and giving it new life. The past 12 years have been full of long days and blessings. We have worked hard and invested ourselves fully in this place we love, and no one more so than my father, who has a work ethic to be envied. He is strong and determined-perseverance is his personal life code.

But again, this place is a part of who we are. So, working on the property is truly like giving of yourself for yourself. We all work to ensure the future of our family and loved ones, who will have this place to love for years to come. The time spent shoulder to shoulder with my dad building this business has been the gift of a lifetime. I could not be more proud that he is my father.