What to do if it Rains on Your Wedding Day

Hunter Boots
Published December 26th, 2016

No matter how extensively you plan, you’ll always be left with one Mother (Nature) of a variable – the weather. If you get married in the spring or summer in Maine, rain is a possibility. The good news is in Hindu tradition, rain, and a lot of it, is considered great luck. That’s because a wet knot is tougher to untie than a dry one (getting married is sometimes referred to as “tying the knot”) and so rain on a wedding day foretells a long, happy, and financially secure marriage.

How to plan for bad weather

  1. The simplest way to ensure a comfortable, successful wedding in spite of rain is to host the ceremony inside. For minimal disruption and maximum enjoyment, choose a venue whose inside option is aesthetically pleasing and is located near the reception space. At French’s Point, we can easily host ceremonies in the conservatory of the estate, which provides broad views of the bay.
  2. If you’re set on staying outside, make sure you have the ceremony area covered and enclosed. At French’s Point, if your ceremony is planned for the ocean front lawn and raindrops threaten, we can easily host your ceremony inside our beautiful sail cloth tent on a full floor, ensuring your guests comfort and zero distraction from the rain drops.
  3. Finally, if there’s a good chance of rain in the forecast, consider embracing it by wearing some fun galoshes and providing umbrellas whose color matches the ceremony aesthetic or have clear tops so they don’t block the view of guests seated in the rear.

make it fun, splash around if you want, take pictures in the rain

Rain has a way of altering the wedding mood and there’s that critical moment where everyone watches the wedding party to see whether the unexpected effect will swing the vibe glass-half-empty or half-full. So make it fun, splash around if you want, take pictures in the rain. Enjoy the weather and all the good luck it brings your love knot.

Jessika Brooks Brewer

Featured image by Hailey & Joel Photography (formerly Hailey Tash Photography). Photo below by Cuppa Photography.

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