Real Maine Bride: Jessica Hans on Getting Started

French's Point
Published August 30th, 2012

For our Real Maine Bride series, we recently interviewed Jessica Hans, a wedding planner at Newagen Seaside Inn in Southport. Jessica and her fiancé Jonathan chose French’s Point for their 120-guest wedding planned for July 27, 2013. Though she has nearly a year to get ready, Jessica is already thinking about one central goal – to make her wedding a great party for her friends and family. Here’s an edited transcript of our recent conversation about that and other things on her mind:

I think what’s most important is that everyone who comes knows how important they are to us. We’re kind of throwing a party for our friends and family.

We haven’t been doing any planning, yet. We booked the venue and booked the vendors but we have been taking a hiatus and will be until October. So we have been sitting on things and haven’t been making any detailed decisions. I’m trying not to get wrapped up in the little details. I’ve been promising people that I will be a flexible bride. I’ve promised myself that I won’t let myself get so wrapped up in making it such a perfect day. I’m very detail-oriented so I’m very worried that I’ll get wrapped up in a lot of details that mean absolutely nothing. I plan on not doing that.

We’re really hoping to bring people up for as long as possible to spend time together. A lot of my family has never been to Maine before so we’re hoping to make a huge festive weekend out of it and have breakfast and lunch and dinner and just enjoy each other’s company.

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