Real Maine Wedding: Amy and Kartik

French's Point
Published November 30th, 2011

Jen Dean shares a recent wedding that she shot at French’s Point, this excerpt is from her blog:

A wedding day at french’s point in Stockton Springs, Maine, is really one of the most beautiful places in Maine to choose for a wedding. I was very excited to get to be a part of the day and capture all the beautiful pieces of the day there. I did this wedding for Russell Caron Photography and am so glad that I was given the opportunity to work at french’s point and with Amy and Kartik.

Amy and Kartik were no exception to that beauty. They are truly beautiful people. I got to spend a little bit of time with them at their engagement session and so felt their connection to each other then. They are so sweetly in love. it is truly why I adore my job.

Both Amy and Kartik work in the medical field. She is a nurse and he is a surgeon. While I was taking photos of her getting her hair done, Amy did inform me that she was really excited that she knew how to do a tracheotomy and really wanted to try one so if it happened that I needed one she was ready. I told her while I was comforted to know she could help me since it was her wedding day and all I would hope for a calm day. And frankly, I found the idea of a tracheotomy a tad terrifying. I think she tried consoling me. (: But the best part was she was serious. On her wedding day, she would have dropped everything to help me out and I doubt she would have been a bit flustered by it at all. Amy was just so calm the entire wedding day. I think that must be why she is such a good nurse. (Something frankly I would be terrible at!)

Jessika from French’s Point is just amazing as are all her staff. I cannot say enough about how wonderful they were to work with. I have worked for over 12 years as a wedding photographer and have to say they are some of the kindest and most attentive (without being overbearing!!) people I have ever worked with. Thank you again Jessika for making the day so fabulous in every way.”