Real Wedding: Lauren and Clark

French's Point
Published June 11th, 2013

Our first wedding of the season set the pace for an amazing summer!

Lauren and Clark along with their family and guests had a fantastic weekend. The sun was shining and we couldn’t have asked for a smoother day. Lauren was absolutely stunning in her gown and her classic and romantic taste was obvious in every part of the wedding from the decor to the ceremony.

What we love most about these two lovebirds is their wonderful story. Thanks to Michelle Turner for the wonderful images from the day and this snippet of Lauren’s story of how the couple got engaged.

“My birthday was on a Sunday and I was taking clients to a football game.  I was then leaving town for work that next week so Clark said we would celebrate my birthday the following weekend.  All he said was that we were leaving town, that it was in driving distance and the dogs would be coming with us.  When Friday came, he asked if I could leave work early in order to beat traffic getting out of town.  I get home and he asks if I will come to help him load the truck.  I was folding some laundry and told him to go ahead without me.  He goes downstairs and shortly after comes upstairs and tells me about something the neighbor was saying.  He then asks me again to come downstairs with him to load the truck.  He said the neighbor distracted him so he never started.  I stop what I am doing and go down with him.  He then tells me we are going to go fishing while away.  He brings out a box of fishing lures, puts them on the trunk of my car and asks me to pick mine out.  Mind you, I don’t know anything about fishing.  So, I start looking at the different ones and pick up 3 of the most colorful, glittery ones in the box.  He sees my choices and tells me to find one with more sparkle for the fish to be attracted.  I inform him I already have the one with the most glitter, but still continue to look through the box.  All of a sudden I lift a lure and see the ring hiding. My first instinct was that he did not mean for me to see it there.  When I finally looked around he was on his knee and I realized what was happening.”

  • Wedding Band: Them Apples’ Band
  • Florist/designer: Flora Fauna
  • Makeup: From this Day Forward
  • Hair: Lisa Nichols Salon
  • Cake/Whoopie Pies: Cranberry Kitchen
  • Popcorn: Coastal Maine Popcorn
  • Dress: Mia Bridal Couture
  • Photography: Michelle Turner