Red Flags When Choosing Your Vendors: Series Part V: They Make a Bad First Impression

Wedding Table
Published May 14th, 2013

First impressions are everything, especially when meeting potential wedding vendors. These are people you are inviting to attend your wedding and they will be meeting and working with your friends and family. Some vendors will get an intimate view into your life for that day and your first impression is a great indicator of how easily you can be yourself around them. Trust your gut and listen to your first instincts, if someone will be hard to work with, warning signs will start popping up when you first meet them.

In order to avoid other red flags that we’ve talked about lookout for this one.

5. They Make a Bad First Impression

I can’t stress the value of a 10 minute face-to-face conversation with your potential vendors. If you can’t do it- hire a planner to help. Think of each of them as people you are potentially inviting to your wedding. Because you are!

You will learn things in a ten-minute conversation over coffee, or via skype or google hangout, that you will never know otherwise. Are they even willing to do it? If not, they probably aren’t willing to go the extra mile at your wedding either. Do they sound stressed out or overly negative? Do they seem well-spoken and respectful? Will they be commuting from miles away? What are their plans before and after the wedding? How committed will they be to your overall vision?

You may feel like you are prying, but this is your big day and you are paying for their services. Establish high standards and you will reap the benefits of a seamless wedding. All of the vendors we work with invite these questions and enjoy getting to know the brides they work with. They will be your best friend when you need things done right on your big day.